Reason for some side effects after Covid vaccine: Nocebo reaction

According to scientists, this is caused by effects known as “Nocebo reactions”, meaning that negative expectations affect the person negatively. Experts from Boston-based Beth Israel Diabetes Medical Center found that known Kovid vaccine side effects, such as headache, fatigue, and joint pain, are also observed when a placebo drug, also known as a “sugar drug”, […]

Beware if you have stomachache at least once a week

Underlining that in the treatment of IBS, the patient should be told exactly what the problem is, Assoc. Dr. Emine Köroğlu stated that otherwise the patient could not adapt to the treatment and continued her search due to persistent complaints. Gastroenterology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu said, “First of all, some lifestyle changes are needed, the […]

Afghan women lawyers on the run face life in limbo abroad

ATHENS, Oct 25 (Reuters) – When the Taliban seized Afghanistan, lawyer Bibi Chaman Hafizi heard the militants were going door to door, hunting for people who worked for the state, so she burned every document in her home and went into hiding. Then she fled the country. Like dozens more women working in the legal […]