Promotions even before the sales start: an aid to restart the shops – TorinoToday

Promotions even before the sales start: a help to restart the TorinoToday stores Summer sales 2020 Friuli Venezia Giulia. Start dates – Women on the Web Women on the Web Summer sales: you can find the first ones on the web Donnaweb Commerce, sales from 1 August but LuccaInDiretta promotional sales are not prohibited «Sale […]

for bars, it’s “always better than nothing”

On a high table across the sidewalk, the pint of beer that should bait customers quietly loses its bubbles. In this street adjoining the Grands Boulevards, in Paris, a bar has launched take-out. The bartender is seated behind a series of tables lined up in front of the establishment, on which bottles of wine or […]

order a drink for the end of containment

Neighborhood cafes and barter shops had to lower the curtain in disaster. On March 14, Edouard Philippe hastily announced the closing of bars and restaurants for midnight, as part of the fight against the coronavirus. Since then, the owners have been waiting and waiting for deconfinement. In order to provide them with a cash advance, […]

Disney CEO Bob Iger departs Bob Chapek appointed new boss

Robert Iger stepped aside as executive director of Walt Disney Co., although he will maintain significant power over the company that expanded the largest and most powerful entertainment conglomerate in Hollywood for more than 14 years. On Tuesday, Disney appointed the company’s head of parks and resorts, Bob Chapek, CEO with immediate effect. But Mr. […]

Dine hopes to stop Applebee’s closures

Dine Brands Global Inc. expects fewer closures of Applebee locations this year and aims to open new restaurants in the coming years despite the challenges for informal food chains. The owner of the Applebee’s and IHOP brands said Monday that it would close no more than 15 Applebee’s restaurants a year onwards and consider opening […]

Food delivery companies put mergers, IPO on the menu

According to executives of an industry that has generated rapid growth but irregular profits, the largest food delivery companies in the US. UU. They seek to shore up their finances through mergers or public listings. DoorDash Inc., Postmates Inc. and Eats of Uber Technologies Inc. have discussed the merger in several combinations last year, according […]

Flensburg: Sailor’s yarn in the dives at the harbor

Tonco leans on the counter with one elbow and grins at me, a cigarette in the other hand. We are sitting in the midst of smoke in a small Flensburg pub near the harbor. When talking, the Dutchman sounds a bit like Rudi Carell after four packs of cigarettes and as many bottles of whiskey. […]