Where to buy iPhone 15… Online plan? Budget phone? + Self-sufficiency

[이데일리 김현아 기자] At 08:00 (local time) on September 22nd, the release date of the iPhone 15, CEO Tim Cook is opening the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, together with Greg Joswick, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. (Photo = New York Correspondent Kim Sang-yoon) CEO Tim Cook is taking […]

A forgotten name in the history of the Democratic Party…Kim Hong-il

[이데일리 김유성 기자] The history of the Democratic Party is quite long. Immediately after the liberation of Japan, it continued its lineage from the ‘Korean Democratic Party’ to the ‘Democratic Party’ and ‘People’s Party’, and existed under the name of ‘New Democratic Party’ during the Park Chung-hee regime. Several anti-dictatorship fighters emerged from this New […]

‘Chinese electric vehicle’ BYD ranks 4th in global car sales…Hyundai ranks 5th

[이데일리 김승권 기자] BYD, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, ranked fourth in global automobile sales last month, surpassing Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company. Electric vehicles alone are causing a sensation in the car market, including internal combustion engines. Looking at the electric vehicle market alone, it is firmly in first place. According to data released […]

“Lee Jae-myung’s arrest warrant was dismissed, the court gave in to ‘a bitch’”

[이데일리 김범준 기자] The People Power Party criticized the court for dismissing the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, saying, “We gave in to the bastards (Representative Lee’s hard-core supporters).” Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, was arrested at the Seoul Central District Court on the […]

Jeil Construction accepts first-prize applications for ‘high-tech Jeil Landscape Building’ today

[이데일리 이윤정 기자] The ‘High-Tech Jeil Landscape Building’, supplied by Jeil Construction to High-tech District 3, Gwangju Research and Development Special Zone, Gwangju Metropolitan City, is accepting applications for the first priority today (26th). High-Tech District 3 within the Gwangju Research and Development Special Zone (hereinafter referred to as Gwangju Special Zone), where the complex […]