3.6 million from two fifth prizes in Avilés, Corvera and Vegadeo

The little luck that Asturias has reaped in the extraordinary Christmas draw has come from the hand of one of the fifth prizes. And it was made to wait. It was not until twenty past one in the afternoon, in the ninth table, when the eighth and last fifth prize, 89109, confirmed that 600 tenths […]

Victoria Aime takes over the avant-garde theater in Spain

Victoria Aime’s company is called El Temblor. She was born in 2018 with the work title is love, which could be seen in the Madrid room Espacio DT. Then he would premiere a first version of the piece THE LAMB OF GOD at the Surge Festival two years ago. An installation in the Rosaleda del […]

breast, colon, lung and prostate among the most common -NIUS

It is estimated that there will be some 341,000 cases in Spain in 2040 The Spanish Society of Medical Oncology warns that alcohol consumption, no matter how low, increases the risk of cancer Lung, colon, pancreatic, breast and prostate cancers were the ones that caused the highest mortality. The Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) […]

Chelsea can steal a signing from Liverpool: Matheus Nunes

Rewrite this content Chelsea does not stop. Liverpool have been behind Portuguese midfielder Matheus Nunes for some time. In principle, they would not have real competition from any club to get the player; but, again, Chelsea would want to meddle in the operation and reach an agreement with Wolverhampton before those at Anfield. One of […]

Hospitalizations for Covid-19 in 2020 in Spain cost 1,200 million

Rewrite this content Hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in Spain in 2020, the first year of the pandemic, both in public and private health centers, led to costs higher than 1,234 millionwith an average of 5,685 euros per patient, up to the 21,199 euros in those who required admission to the ICUaccording to the study prepared […]

The art of politics in Spain / opinion of Andrés Espinosa Fenwarth | Opinion

Rewrite this content The art of spanish politics is for rent balcony. As the 2023 electoral calendar unfolds, the elections of the communities autonomous. The date set for your realization is next May 28. That day also take place the municipal elections of the councilors in all town halls locales. However, the Spanish Constitution of […]

3.6 million from two fifth prizes in Avilés, Corvera and Vegadeo

The Asturian region was fortunate to receive 3.6 million euros from two fifth prizes in the extraordinary Christmas draw. The first prize, 89109, was sold in the administration of Fernández Balsera street in Avilés and distributed 3.6 million euros amongst 600 tenths. The second prize, 34345, was sold in the Casa Salas de Vegadeo lottery […]