Greece regulates rents because of the corona crisis

Closed shop in Athens Entrepreneurs such as retailers and restaurateurs who have had to close due to corona restrictions can cut their rents by 40 percent. (Photo: dpa) Athens The real estate market in Greece had just recovered from the ten-year financial crisis when the corona recession is now causing new turbulence. The EU Commission […]

The 5 construction sites for Italy’s Premier Conte

Rome Italy has long been the country worst hit by the corona pandemic worldwide. 228,000 corona infections, more than 32,000 deaths – it is still a devastating record overall. But Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is now giving the government a positive interim report for its crisis management. “Three months after the first case in Italy, […]

What majority is needed for this in the Bundestag?

Berlin It was a political explosive proposal that Angela Merkel (CDU) and Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly presented on Monday. And so the Chancellor’s and the French President’s push for a € 500 billion reconstruction fund is causing ongoing controversial discussions. This applies to the European level, where states like the Netherlands and Austria opposed the plan, […]

Schäuble probably implements the implementation of the Karlsruhe ECB judgment

Wolfgang Schäuble The President of the Bundestag wants to implement the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble has made the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court on the bond purchases of the European Central Bank (ECB) a top priority, according to the “Süddeutscher Zeitung”. The CDU politician had […]

“We cannot repeat the mistakes of the financial crisis”

According to information from EU circles, it will be even more formidable than the Franco-German proposal: the governments in Paris and Berlin this week called for a debt-financed EU fund with a volume of EUR 500 billion to cushion the economic consequences of the pandemic in the EU . The Federal Government believes that the […]

A boost for European integration

Brussels A good decade later, what happened in Europe after the 2008 financial crisis appears to be repeating itself: the EU is once again faced with an integration push that no one would have thought possible before the crisis. At that time, the EU responded to the severe turmoil in the markets by founding joint […]

Family entrepreneurs criticize Merkel and Macron

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel Germany and France want to overcome the crisis together. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin The association “the family entrepreneurs” rejects the Franco-German initiative for a multi-billion dollar reconstruction fund for the EU countries particularly affected by the corona pandemic. “The proposals presented by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron do not bring Europe […]

ECB President Lagarde demands obedience from the Bundesbank

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), has reminded the Bundesbank of its obligation to comply with monetary policy decisions in the euro area. “Under the agreement, all national central banks must participate fully in the decisions and implementation of the monetary policy of the euro area,” Lagarde said in an interview with […]

Scholz’s push for old debts endangers the help for the municipalities

Olaf Scholz The Vice Chancellor presented his plan for the municipalities in the SPD party headquarters. (Photo: dpa) Olaf Scholz’s plan to support the municipalities in the corona crisis is fundamentally correct. But one cannot get rid of the impression that the finance minister not only wants to help cities and municipalities, but also to […]

Finance minister Scholz plans billions in protection for municipalities

Olaf Scholz The Federal Minister of Finance wants to help the municipalities to compensate for the lack of tax revenue from the corona crisis. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz wants to support the municipalities that have run into financial problems in the corona crisis with almost 57 billion euros. The “Rheinische Post” […]