7 reasons why someone often gets bitten by mosquitoes than others Page all

KOMPAS.com – Have you ever felt someone bitten by mosquitoes more often than other people around them? People used to say that mosquitoes were easy targets for the owner of sweeter blood. Behind this thought, it turns out that there is a scientific explanation behind why someone is often bitten by mosquitoes than others. Also […]

7 Ways to increase endurance to prevent corona virus attacks

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Increasing endurance is one of the best efforts to prevent transmission of the corona virus. The reason is, so far the corona virus is still contagious and there is no known cure or vaccine for the corona virus. How to increase endurance to prevent corona virus attacks can be done easily. Some […]

Here are 6 drinks to help the effectiveness of kidney stone drugs

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Kidney stone drugs are widely available in pharmacies. Apart from consuming kidney stone drugs, a number of drinks can also help in the treatment of kidney stones. Kidney stones occur due to hard mineral deposits that form in the kidneys. These deposits usually resemble gravel to rock. This occurs when certain minerals […]

Indonesia does not escape from China’s ‘game’, there are 12 countries that are used by the panda country to strengthen foreign military logistics, Pakistan is also a target! – All Pages

Intisari-Online.com – The United States Department of Defense (US) said Pakistan was one of the countries used by China to strengthen military facilities. Apart from Pakistan, there are also Asian countries that China has involved in pursuing its targets. Some of them are Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. China is said to be trying to […]

RI ‘Locked Down’ in Many Countries Because of COVID-19, What’s Wrong?

Jakarta – A number of countries have imposed travel bans to other countries, including Indonesia. Malaysia has closed its doors to citizens of Indonesia, the Philippines and India who wish to visit starting September 7, 2020. The high number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus is the main reason. The United States (US) through […]

Prevent corona by consuming immune booster vitamins

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. In addition to applying the three M (wearing masks, washing hands, and taking care), we must increase our body’s resistance to prevent being infected with the corona / Covid-19 virus. A number of vitamins can be useful for increasing the body’s immune / immune booster. The body has a natural system to […]

The cause of low blood pressure that people rarely realize

KONTAN.CO.ID – There are many causes of low blood pressure experienced by a person. Knowing the cause of low blood pressure can be used as a way to deal with the symptoms that your body is starting to feel. Citing the American Heart Association website, there are several symptoms of low blood pressure that you […]

5 alternative MOBA games when you are tired of playing Mobile Legends

KONTAN.CO.ID – Are you bored playing Mobile Legends? Try this MOBA game as fun as Mobile Legends, you know. Here are 5 alternative MOBA games when you are bored playing Mobile Legends. MOBA games are still favorites gamers out there including Indonesia. You can enjoy the exciting experience of testing teamwork through games with the […]

Continuing to grow, this is a list of 18 countries that are already in recession

ILLUSTRATION. Opinion Illustration – Judging by Indicators of Economic Recession Reporter: Virdita Rizki Ratriani | Editor: Virdita ratriani KONTAN.CO.ID – The countries of the world are now entering the brink of recession one by one. Most recently, Australia officially experienced a recession after its economy contracted by 6.3% year on year (YoY) in the second […]