Game of Thrones | Emilia Clarke warmly welcomed Iain Glenn on Instagram | Spoiler

Game of Thrones It was characterized by the different alliances and betrayals between its characters. In this sense, we can highlight the link that characterized Daenerys Targaryen and his advisor Jorah Mormont. Fiction and reality merged in a relationship that transcended from the screen to real people and became pure admiration between Emilia Clarke and […]

Shooting ‘Game of thrones’ prequel stopped after corona…

The recordings of House of the dragon, the prequel to the popular Game of thrones (photo), are temporarily stopped. Photo: AP Just when the cast is more or less complete, the recordings of the fantasy series House of the dragon, the prequel to the popular Game of thrones, shut down. A corona infection is the […]

Actor Kit Harington has revealed the fate of Jon Snow in …

Harington recounted the story on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” which aired on NBC. “The policeman stopped me and said, ‘There are two ways we can proceed. You can go with me to the police station or you can tell me if you will live next season ». So I looked at him and […]

The series with a prequel to Game of Thrones has found its king Viseris I.

The series House of the Dragon, which is a prequel to the hit Game of Thrones, already has one face in its cast. English actor Paddy Considine has been chosen to play the role of King Viserys I in the new HBO production. The action in House of the Dragon takes place several centuries before […]