The CEO of “Svyaznoy” announced his departure from the company :: Business :: RBC

On August 31, the management will change in “Svyaznoy”. Yevgeny Davydovich did not specify who will be his successor. He headed the company in 2015-2017 and came back to Svyaznoy in November 2019 after a two-year break. Evgeny Davydovich (Photo: yevgeniy.davydodvych / Facebook) The general director of the Svyaznoy network, Evgeny Davydovich, announced on his […]

Health seeks a way out for vaccinated people outside Brazil – News

The Ministry of Health should discuss next week the situation of Brazilians who were vaccinated against covid-19 abroad. So far, there is no international vaccination card. Likewise, a way to include the records of those immunized in other countries in the Unified Health System (SUS) has not yet been created. The lack of a single […]

Car can now monitor driver health

As the average age of drivers increases, the likelihood of driving emergencies due to illness increases. The engineering company IAV and the University of Oldenburg, both in Germany, have developed a digital assistant that monitors the driver’s health status, accurately detects changes ranging from breathlessness to heart attack, and automatically initiates relief measures in the […]

Municipal employees return to face-to-face work next week – Cities

The working hours of the Municipality of Campo Grande return to the normal regime from this Monday (2). All employees, with the exception of those with cardiovascular and/or pulmonary diseases, immunodeficiency, transplants, older than 60 years, pregnant women, lactating women up to 6 months and those with symptoms of Covid-19, will remain in a telework […]

Dengue cases in Alagoas grew 140% in June | Arapiraca Diary

/ Photo: Illustration / Photo: Illustration Advice With the focus of campaigns and prevention directed towards the coronavirus, many diseases were “forgotten”. One of them is dengue, which has shown a worrying increase in Alagoas. In the first half of 2021 alone, more than 500 cases of the disease were reported, with the highest number […]

A dose of Sputnik V induces a strong immune response, according to an Argentine study

A single dose of the vaccine Sputnik V can trigger a strong immune response against the coronavirus. This is what a study conducted in Argentina and published on Tuesday in the journal Cell Reports Medicine showed. The survey was conducted with 289 health professionals. Three weeks after the second dose, all volunteers without previous infection […]