Will the Covid-19 pandemic end in 2021? This is what science and history say

Related news At the time of writing, there are almost two million COVID-19 cases officially diagnosed in Spain, with more than 50,000 official deaths from said diagnosis in our country. Globally, cases exceed 80 million, and deaths approach two million. It is clear that we are still far from stopping the pandemic. Epidemiologists and public […]

The Xunta de Galicia eases restrictions in Lugo and Pontevedra

Related news The Minister of Health of the Xunta de Galicia, Julio García Comesaña, announced this Friday that the clinical subcommittee has decided to ease restrictions in the city of Lugo, which goes from the maximum level to the medium, and in Pontevedra, that goes from maximum to medium-high along with the neighboring municipalities of […]

Galicia continues in a downward trend with Boiro as the most important focus

Related news Galicia maintains the positive trend in the evolution of the coronavirus in recent weeks, with all its indicators in decline With the exception of the Coruña municipality of Boiro, which makes the Santiago and Barbanza health area the only one that worsens their situation. This Thursday a total of 287 new cases, a […]

24 hours later, Anabel’s mother is dead

January 08, 2021 – 10:19 am Clock Mother and daughter struggled together for weeks to survive One last loving touch between machines, hoses and masks, without which both can no longer breathe: The photo that Anabel Sharma has carers in Leicester, UK take of herself and her mother Maria, shows the cruel reality of Covid-19. […]

These are the most common side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine

Related news Since last Sunday, December 27, vaccination against COVID-19 began simultaneously both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, despite the occasional logistical problem that may have delayed the campaign in some territories. However, one of the majority concerns among Spaniards is not so much when the vaccination will begin and how it […]

Does the restriction of the range of motion also apply to your region?

January 05, 2021 – 7:48 pm Clock New Corona measure: restriction of the range of motion in super hotspots Those who live in the hotspot should in future only be allowed to move 15 kilometers away from their place of residence. The federal and state governments agreed on this on Tuesday. The decisive guideline for […]

Millie, 6, almost dies after being misdiagnosed

January 5th, 2021 – 10:10 am Clock Fever, pallor, and nausea Little Millie Denver (6) from Great Britain felt uncomfortable on the evening of December 12th. She had a fever, a few spots, and looked pale. Her mother Elizabeth (36) suspected that the girl had chickenpox because three children in her class had previously contracted […]