Lozoya could be located in the same area as Lavalle in the North prison

Emilio Lozoya Austin, spent his first night in prison in the Norte prison, after a federal judge gave him justified preventive detention. They will do the covid PCR test and if it comes out negative they will take it to the area known as ‘income’, where Jorge Luis Lavalle, former PAN senator “who was reported […]

An outbreak of covid affects 45 prisoners in the Zuera prison

A coronavirus outbreak currently affects a total of 45 inmates interned in the Zuera penitentiary, in the province of Zaragoza. All positives belong to the same module and are asymptomatic, sources from Penitentiary Institutions have reported, adding that the first cases of coronavirus were detected last week. Apparently, the outbreak began with three affected, expanded […]

After appointment: prison and professional ban for Düsseldorf Islamist lawyer | Regional

Düsseldorf – It was really backfiring now. In April, investigators carried boxes of evidence from Selim T.’s (40) office on Düsseldorf’s Königsallee. The raid raised suspicions of terrorist financing, among other things. Investigators secured evidence in the Kö-Kanzlei of Selim T. Photo: David Young At this point, however, T. was already sentenced to a suspended […]

Man would have sexually abused his stepdaughter in the south of Córdoba

Within the framework of the institutional strategy ‘All against child molesters and pimps’, the Córdoba Police managed to capture a 47-year-old man, who was required by the justice, supposedly, for abusing his 9-year-old stepdaughter. The judicial procedure was executed through its units of Investigation criminal, and it was carried out after the uniformed officers located […]

Veterinarian who recorded himself having sex with dogs sentenced to 21 years in prison

A veterinarian from Florida, United States, was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison for filming himself abusing dogs and also storing child pornography. Prentiss K. Madden, a licensed professional veterinarian who had his practice in Aventura, southeast Florida, is guilty of producing videos of himself “involved in sexual activities with dogs and sharing […]

Facebook: Texans get 15 months in jail for posting lies – news abroad

That nasty joke put him behind bars … In April 2020, Christopher Charles Perez wrote on Facebook that he had paid someone infected with corona to lick food in a supermarket in San Antonio – to contaminate customers! But none of that was right. Stupid for the 40-year-old Texan: A screenshot of his Facebook post […]

Man who passed COVID to 4 in Vietnam sentenced to 30 months in jail

According to the VnExpress newspaper, Phan Van Hoa, 39, was convicted on Saturday of “spreading serious infectious diseases dangerous to other people” by the court in the city of Phan Rang, on the central coast of the asian country. Hoa drove his truck on July 6 from Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon), which since the […]

This female warden was thrown in jail for having sex with 3 inmates

loading… LONDON – A female warden in Wellingborough, English , was thrown into prison for have sex with several male inmates. According to police investigations, at least three inmates were involved in this immoral scandal. Latoya Gautrey, 32, from Needham Road, Stanwick, was sentenced to 18 months in prison by Aylesbury Crown Court on 22 […]