Winning numbers in the 2021 Christmas Lottery draw

In total, 2,408 million euros (70% of the issue) are divided between the Jackpot, the second prize, the third, the fourth, fifth, pedreas and refunds. The Christmas Lottery draw prizes consist of 172 series and each one has 100,000 tickets. The total issue amounts to 3.4 million euros. At 10:59 minutes the first fourth prize […]

Diario Extra – Famous actress from Beverly Hills 90210 was hospitalized

shows And the international press is watching the famous actress Tori Spelling, Donna in the iconic TV series, who was hospitalized. According to reports from the North American media, the actress is undergoing medical studies to identify what is happening to her.In Costa Rica the series was super famous. “Tori Spelling, who played ‘Donna Martin’ […]

Seville, Cádiz and Málaga, the Andalusian cities most graced by the Fat

22/12/2021 Updated at 1:50 p.m. Seville and Cádiz are the Andalusian cities that have been favored more times by the Extraordinary Christmas Draw of the National Lottery, since in them the ‘Gordo’ have relapsed 17 and 12 times respectively, throughout the history of the draw, according to data from State Lotteries and Gambling consulted by […]

Last draw Lottery of the Valley of November 23: result and numbers

This Wednesday, November 23, another draw for the Valle Lottery was held, with a jackpot of 4,000 million pesos that was very attractive to thousands and thousands of Colombians in different parts of the national territory. (See also: Numbers to play and win the chance this week: Astro Luna, Dorado, Paisita and more) The Valle […]

How many times has El Gordo played in the Christmas Lottery in Malaga?

Melilla is the only place in Spain where it has never fallen El Gordo of the Christmas Lottery, a prize endowed with 400,000 euros for the tenth that all Spaniards dream of every December 22. The provinces of Ávila, Tarragona and Zamora left the list of unsuccessful in 2018 and became part of a ‘lucky […]

A man won the lottery twice in one year and revealed the secret to it

Few are lucky enough to win the lottery, but what are the chances that the same person wins more than once? Among the lucky ones is Antoine Beainewho won a million dollars twice in just over a year. Beaini hails from Milton in Ontario, Canada. Earned the first million in August 2021as registered by the […]

World record: the impressive number that a man won in the United States lottery

A person from California won $2.04 billion in the American lottery known as Powerball. This is the highest prize in history in that draw, as announced by the authorities on Tuesday. The multimillion-dollar collection accumulated over 40 weeks after no one matched all five numbers and an extra sixth that awards the jackpot. I also […]

‘Times Turn’

The 4-yearly football event “2022 World Cup” will be held in Qatar from November 21st (Mon), and Taiwan Sports Lottery will hold “Buy Luck” on November 7th (Mon) in order to stimulate sales two weeks in advance. We hope everyone will participate actively in the promotion of “Color Crazy Football Draw Porsche”. Buy Luck Taiwan […]