When Plastic Waste from Indonesia Found Stranded to Africa… Page all

Rewrite this content KOMPAS.com – Plastic waste not only causes problems in the country, but also abroad. Recent reports say that plastic waste from Indonesia has washed up on the east coast of Africa. This was known after researchers from Oxford University published his study on January 18, 2023. Researchers say that waste from Indonesia […]

Drone reveals images of plastic waste overflowing in a river in Bosnia | Up-to-the-World EXPRESS |

Rewrite this content Environmental activists release drone footage of plastic waste that overflows in the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ready to call for speeding up the problem #Bosnia #Plastic Waste #Environment #PPTVHD36 #ThanlokEXPRESS #Big news stories #Channel 36 #PPTVNews #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website https://www.pptvhd36.com and Social Media channels Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PPTVHD36 […]

These domestic stores are the most harmful to the environment

Greenpeace conducted a survey on how much domestic grocery stores burden the environment with single-use plastic and packaging materials. The focus of the investigation was how many packaging-free products are on the shelves, whether it is possible to refill and recycle in stores, and whether customers can take products home in single-use plastic bags or […]