Kaspersky researchers have discovered an ongoing APT campaign targeting organizations located in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict zone

In October 2022, Kaspersky researchers discovered an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign targeting organizations located in the area affected by the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Called CommonMagic, this spyware campaign has been active since at least September 2021 and uses previously unknown malware to collect data from its targets. The targets include administrative, […]

UEx researchers create a watch that detects odors

Researchers from the University of Extremadura (UEx) have developed an electronic nose capable of detecting odors and which is implanted in a small device such as a watch “with the capacity to detect different volatile compounds”. This has been highlighted by the professor of the School of Industrial Engineering of the UEx and coordinator of […]

Graciela Caire is the first director of CIAD in 40 years – El Sol de Hermosillo

Rewrite this content For the first time in four decades a woman took office as director of the Food and Development Research Center (CIAD), by designating chemistry-biology Graciela Caire Juvera as the new head of the institution. The appointment was made based on compliance with the call issued by the research center and before the […]

Spanish researchers create a model to predict the individual risk of breast cancer

The research, presented at the 13th European Congress of Breast Cancercould make breast screening programs more effective and ultimately improve survival rates. It could also mean that fewer people suffer ‘false positives’ (when screening tests show cancer, but other tests show there isn’t) and ‘overdiagnosis’ (when people are diagnosed and treated for cancer that grows […]

The discovery of stars devouring a world similar to Earth

Date 11/13/2022 3:01:36 PM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) Astronomers have revealed the presence of dwarf stars devouring a world similar to Earth. The researchers explained that many exoplanets are devoured by these stars, noting that the “pollution” caused by planetary elements in the atmosphere of white dwarf stars is the reason for this, according to the “Middle […]

Researchers reveal that ‘magic mushrooms’ can help treat depression

A compound present in “magic mushrooms”, called psilocybin, a synthetic version, may be the new method for relieving symptoms of depression in patients who are resistant to other treatments, according to research carried out this Thursday, 3, , in the New England Journal of Medicine. mushrooms. (Photo: Playback/Steve Buissinne/Pixabay) According to the same research published […]

Researchers from Salamanca develop a new product for the fertilization of wheat

Wheat fields. / reuters The ‘Trichoderma’ fungus combined with traditional chemical fertilizer will reduce pollution caused by the use of nitrogen in agriculture The Phytopathology and Biological Control Group of the Unit of Excellence for Agricultural Production and the Environment AGRIENVIRONMENT and the Agrobiotechnology Research Institute (CIALE), of the University of Salamanca, have started a […]

Chateaubriand in its groups and networks (Saint-Étienne)

Between salons and cenacles: Chateaubriand in its groups and networks International conference organized by UMR IHRIM Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne Chateaubriand’s career took place between the twilight of the salons of the Ancien Régime and the emergence of romantic cenacles. In the very years when literature redraws its territory, a new sociability is invented; “literary […]