Listeria possible in “Bettine soft goat cheese” – CleanKids Magazin

Food Listeria RecallConsumer Protection Sales & Service Aktuell GmbH, based in 98646 Straufhain, is recalling the product “Bettine soft goat cheese” as a precaution for reasons of preventive consumer protection. Only the products with the best before dates from 10/30/2020 to 11/27/2020 are affected. The soft goat cheese roll is offered cut open in a […]

United States: the New York subway, reflection of a city on the platform

Every five minutes, the speakers on the platform crackle: “We remind you that the metro is reserved for essential trips. You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Be careful, and thank you for making this journey with us. ” “It’s not like we have a choice! squeaks José, in his forties, […]

Canada Prohibits the Use of Disposable Plastic by the End of 2021, Why? Page all Canada plans to ban the use of plastic materials such as straws, single-use plastic containers and all materials that are difficult to recycle from the end of next year. Launch CNN, Thursday (8/10/2020), these steps are part of Canada’s effort to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. “Plastic pollution threatens our natural environment. It […]

What you need to know about the sinking of the “Grande America”

An oil slick is heading towards the French coast after the sinking of the Italian ship Grande America, which sank off La Rochelle. The vessel contained hazardous materials and 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil in its holds. Hybrid ship between a ro-ro and a container ship with a length of 214 meters, the Grande […]

Can hair soap and solid shampoo convince? Well-known brand fails

“Öko-Test” took a closer look at solid shampoo. The result is largely positive – but a well-known cosmetics brand fails when it comes to perfuming. Solid shampoos and hair soaps generally not only meet the desire for less waste, but also those for a sustainable and low-irritant list of ingredients. This is what a study […]

Seafood examination – all contained plastic – Naturopathy & Naturopathic Treatment Portal

Effects of marine pollution on living organisms In one study, all seafood samples analyzed contained so-called micropollutants. The small plastic particles get into the human body through food. Should we stop eating seafood to protect health? Unfortunately, seafood contains a lot of plastic, which then gets into the human body through consumption. (Image: nikkytok / […]

Artificial coral polyp works on magnetism and light (video) – News

Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology developed a small plastic robot made of responsive materials, which moves under the influence of light and magnetism. In the future, this ‘wireless aquatic polyp’ could extract pollutants from the surrounding water, or pick up and transport cells for analysis in diagnostic systems. The researchers published their results in […]

Let water stand overnight?

Everyone has had a good sip from the stale glass of water in the morning. If you look closely, you will even see a few lint of dust floating on the water surface … Have you ever thought about how healthy it is? The glass of water on the dessert from the evening before is […]