The world’s best inexpensive smartphone has been identified – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In addition to the ranking of the most powerful smartphones, AnTuTu developers have presented a list of mid-range devices that have shown maximum performance. The first place in the ranking of state employees was taken by OnePlus Nord – the new “mid-flagship” from OnePlus – with a score of 327 thousand points. The smartphone is […]

The competition between “Avenida Brasil” and Ángel de Brito, who wins?

Monday, Telefe began to emit “Brazil Avenue” daily at 11:45, where I was “The right price”, Lizy’s cycle of games Tagliani. In this way, the Brazilian tank competes hand to hand with “Los Angeles de la Mañana” (The Thirteen). The first day, he won Angel of Brito who obtained an average of 5.3 points against […]

Moscow entered the top 20 most promising technological cities in Europe

Moscow is one of the twenty European cities most promising for investments in technology, innovation and startups. According to the ranking of Tech Cities of the Future, the capital took 18th place out of 76. The Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 ranking was compiled by fDi Intelligence magazine and TNW (The Next Web), a […]

In real life, in the zoo, it attracts nearly 1.4 million viewers, THE

Nearly 1.4 million viewers to have a Saturday night on their tv tuned in to the first episode of the second season of the In real life at the zoo. The only Dutch national television News from 20: 00 hours, attracted more viewers (over 2.1 million), appears Sunday, according to new figures from the Foundation […]

Named the most popular smartphone in Russia. It costs 20 thousand rubles

The Yandex.Market service examined the demand from Russians for smartphones, which was influenced by the introduction of a self-isolation mode. To do this, experts compared the top ten most popular smartphones in February with a fresh April rating, when most Russians were quarantined at home. And that’s what turned out. – in April, buyers were […]