Index – Culture – This new series has become cruelly funny

Although Breaking Bad was centered on Bryan Cranston’s chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord, Walter White, and his big-mouthed sidekick, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, in the AMC drama series that ran for five seasons, it often happened that a certain Saul Goodman stole the show from both of them. Bob Odenkirk’s character, the sleazy corner lawyer, […]

Index – Culture – The best drama series of all time has ended

HBO took a big risk when they decided to use PlayStation’s famous and well-loved post-apocalyptic game, The Last of Usthey are making a TV series out of it, but they went as far as possible with the channel, considering that they asked Neil Druckmann, who came up with the original story, the creative head of […]

Index – Culture – This new movie broke our hearts to pieces

A Once Upon a Summer (Aftersun) The lucky movie fanatics were able to watch the movie months ago, around October-November last year. We had to wait much longer for this British production, declared sensational by foreign critics, because the BAFTA award-winning work of writer-director Charlotte Wells was only shown on March 9 in Hungary. We […]

Index – Kultúr – Finally, a thriller that you can’t stop

With thriller series, we are used to having to wait at least until the end of the first episode for a twist to hit us in the face that, although shocked, makes us want to start the sequel immediately. New to Amazon Prime, The Consultant (The Consultant) from this point of view, it doesn’t suck, […]