Pakistan: huge crowd at the funeral of an Islamist – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – LAHORE, NOV 21 – An immense crowd gathered today in Lahore, Pakistan, for the funeral of the founder of a radical Islamist party whose incendiary rhetoric has sparked anger towards France in recent weeks in Pakistan. to the cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed. The authorities have not provided an estimate of the participants […]

AstraZeneca vaccine from COVID-19 showed an average efficiency of 70% :: Society :: RBC

The average vaccine efficacy of the British company was 70%, but with one of the methods of administration it showed an efficacy of 90% Фото: Carl Recine / Reuters The AZD1222 vaccine being developed in the UK against the coronavirus infection COVID-19 has shown high efficacy during tests, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said. The company […]

Even such a pretty MBTI test?… What is the online sweet’flower test’?

news Even such a pretty MBTI test?… What is the online sweet’flower test’? Last updated 2020.11.22 11:45Article input 2020.11.22 11:21 Part of the images expressed as a result of the’flower test’ and multiple choice questions. Photo Source = LU42’Flower Test’ capture [아시아경제 나한아 기자] The’flower test’, which tests one’s personality and disposition, is gaining popularity. […]

Covid-19. Children with negative PCR test developed antibodies, study finds

In Australia, a study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) focused on the immune response of children to the coronavirus. The results were published in the journal Nature and are also relayed by Numerama, Wednesday 11 November. Almost non-existent inflammation In a case study of a family whose parents had been infected, scientists noticed […]

Erdogan announced a curfew in Turkey over the weekend due to COVID :: Society :: RBC

In terms of the absolute number of detected cases of infection, Turkey ranks 25th in the world – more than 421 thousand people. With a relative calculation, it is in 111th place in the world – 4.9 thousand cases per 1 million population (data from the Worldometers website). According to Johns Hopkins University on November […]

TEST of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the cute game from Sony that targets young players

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a production that accompanies the release of the PS5, but which also sees the light of day on PS4. Our little woolen hero leaves his supercharged universe, where personalization is king, and introduces us to a whole new colorful world. We spent several hours with this endearing little character, it’s […]

We drove the Toyota GR Yaris: Wildly Addictive

“No, impossible, you’re staying with me” were the words that came out of the mouth of one of my best friends when I told him that I had driven a Yaris more powerful than a VW Golf GTI 8. The latest madness of Toyota Gazoo Racing it’s a car with 261 horses, all-wheel drive Y […]

A fourth reinforcement for C’Chartres Cycling – News

Photo credit Noémie Morizet Photo credit Noémie Morizet Share on social media Through NICOLAS GACHET The 14 November 2020, 16:59 C’Chartres Cyclisme announces a new recruit for the 2021 season. This is Valentin Blois, who had already played in the Chartres club before joining Guidon Chalettois two years ago. In 2019, he was ranked 10th […]