Colonel Doumbouya’s promises

Mamady Doumbouya’s promises Guinea’s new strongman spoke this morning at the palace in the presence of dignitaries of the former regime. Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has promised an opening in the transition. “A consultation will be opened to describe the broad lines of the transition, then a government of national unity will be set up to […]

This is what Prince William and Prince Harry say about Princess Diana’s statue

Royal fans are breathing a sigh of relief: the long-awaited reunion of Prince William and Prince Harry went well and the brothers even made an emotional joint statement. doDisplay(‘div-gpt-ad-BeauNL_in-content_top_article’); Statue Diana Prince William and Prince Harry have unveiled a statue of their mother together on Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. A long-awaited moment, not only because […]

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were in love!

Announced with a bang for months, the event ” Friends : The Reunion », Lasting one hour and forty-three minutes, has just been launched in the United States on the streaming service HBO Max. We have not missed a beat, and we must first specify that it is completely in accordance with the presentation we make […]

a mother and her daughter meet again after 40 years

An emotional reunion starred a mother, a native of the Quillón commune, and her daughter, from the Mulchén commune, who regained contact via telepathic after 40 years. The reunion was possible thanks to the management of the Community Integration Office of the Third Police Station of Bulnes de Carabineros. The story has its origin four […]

Thornton not ruling out return to Sharks: report

Joe Thornton said he has yet to decide where he will play in the NHL this season but returning to the San Jose Sharks is a possibility. “I can still go back there, it’s all open,” the center told Tages-Anzeiger, a Swiss German-language newspaper, on Thursday about returning the Sharks for his 23rd NHL season. […]

Why former GDR state secretaries don’t get a pension

Berlin30 years after reunification, some members of the last GDR government still feel that their services to unity are still not being adequately appreciated. Unlike former ministers and Prime Minister Lothar de Maizière, state secretaries do not receive a pension for their 5.5-month term. Rainer Eppelmann, former defense minister of the GDR, and his former […]