Thunderstorms forecast for 5 regions of Chile: when and where they would be | National

According to what was forecast by the Chilean Meteorological Directorate (Meteochile), electrical storms could occur during the day on Wednesday in the Coquimbo region. The same could happen in the regions of Valparaíso, Metropolitana, O’Higgins and Maule, during next Thursday. For this week, different regions of Chile have forecast rains, however, this Tuesday, the Chilean […]

The fifth line of first ESO will go to the Santiago Apóstol institute in Almond

The Santiago Apóstol institute has been the most demanded this year. / HOY This decision will allow to absorb the demand of 145 new applicant students and the Carolina Coronado will remain with four The Ministry of Education and Employment has decided to open a fifth line of first year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) […]

Frontal system in MRI “would be the largest in recent years”

The meteorologist Gianfranco Marcone explained that in the eastern sector of the capital and in the foothills, even between 40 and 45 millimeters of rain will fall. The Channel 13 meteorologist, Gianfranco Marconestated on Monday that the frontal system that will reach the Metropolitan Region this tuesday and wednesday, would “the greatest in recent years”. […]

The record that haunts Will Smith: The Prince of…Rage

After the embarrassing incident where he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, Will Smith hasn’t had a good time. An old video of him where he also slaps a person, circulated again on social networks. This happened in Moscow, at the premiere of “Men In Black 3” in 2012. There the Ukrainian reporter, Vitalii […]