UK presents plans to replace and repeal regulations it copied from the EU

Britain is going to start replacing or scrapping European Union regulations that were copied into British law before it left the bloc, Brexit Minister David Frost said on Thursday. In order to avoid uncertainty and confusion as the UK disengaged from the EU after 40 years, the Government automatically moved thousands of EU laws and […]

“EsVital offers several comprehensive wellness solutions in terms of nutrition”

The pandemic led to changes in habits, including the diet, so going to develop a nutritional plan became a challenge that EsVital intends to solve. This venture, born during the health emergency, imports European technology to measure the consequences and damage that certain foods may be causing in each person. Paula Rivera, co-founder of the […]

The Municipal Volleyball League began

SPORTS: The 1st date of the Municipal Volleyball League was played With the eight games, the Municipal Volleyball League began, which is organized by the Secretary of Sports and Recreation of the Municipality of Esquel. Eighteen teams in total take part in the Mixed, Female and Male categories. The games are played without an audience. […]

football, UEFA, ATP, NBA, NFL and more –

Star Plus arrived this Tuesday, August 31, in Mexico and the rest of Latin America as a complementary but independent platform from the Disney Plus service. The new streaming service from The Walt Disney Company has general entertainment and sports content aimed at adults, so you can find series and movies of all kinds, between […]

Brazil, the country in the region with the highest requirements for doing business

Part of the economic recovery of countries worldwide will depend on foreign investment and the creation and empowerment of companies, therefore it is pertinent to evaluate the state of the requirements and obstacles that each country has to create new businesses, through the recent global index on corporate complexity, published by the TMF Group firm. […]

Wellness, the real estate model that focuses on the well-being of its inhabitants

Taking health and well-being as a priority, a real estate trend that responds to these needs has been strengthened, it is wellness: a type of housing with architectural designs that seek to be healthy, with large natural light inputs, water filtration systems , that the materials used in the implementation are not toxic, that they […]

A small sightseeing plane crashed in the Czech Republic, two people died

The plane crashed at Braňany Airport near the town of Most. Aug 27, 2021 at 10:14 pm TASR BRIDGE. Two people died on Friday afternoon in the crash of a small motor plane at Braňany Airport near the town of Most in the northwest of the Czech Republic. Among the victims was a minor. The […]