From July 1, several new measures to support Russians are introduced at once.

Helping families with children, senior citizens, self-employed and more. Since July 1, several new support measures have been introduced in Russia at once. Among them – a lump sum payment – 10 thousand rubles for each child under 16 years old. The decree was signed by the president. Money will begin to flow already from […]

How to survive a long illness financially

Frankfurt Most people underestimate the risk of being unable to work for a long period of time in the course of their professional life. Common causes include mental stress and accidents. Little is known about whether Covid-19 lung disease can affect health in the long term. Doctors believe that permanent damage to the lungs or […]

Olivier Véran launches the construction of a 5th branch of the Social Security

The fund responsible for paying off the social debt is extended until 2033. The CRDS will not disappear in 2024. By Marie-Cécile Renault Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. POOL / REUTERS It is at a time when social deficits are widening that the government will release new funding for the elderly. In line with […]

In search of a second chance after the coronavirus crisis

Sunday,     17     may     2020     –         10:34 TORubnthe coronavirus crisis has caught him with three credits in tow. One is the mortgage on his house in the Madrid municipality of Villaviciosa de Odn, another he asked to reform the house before moving there with his wife and son, and a third is linked to the vehicle […]

CDU workers wing warns of blockade of basic pension

Carsten Linnemann The Union faction vice sees the basic pension proposal of finance minister Scholz as ineligible. (Photo: dpa) Berlin In the debate about the basic pension, the CDU workers’ wing criticizes its own party colleagues. “It cannot be that the Union’s middle class politicians are constantly torpedoing the decisions taken,” Alexander Krauss, Vice-President of […]

Social Security anticipates $ 1,200 for beneficiaries in Puerto Rico in early June

Washington – The Social Security Administration said today that it will not be until the end of the month that beneficiaries of that program who have their payments administered by someone else will begin to receive the federal checks of $ 1,200 to mitigate the emergency caused by the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Andrew Sau, head of […]

Bullfighters discriminated by the Government in aid of the Covid-19 crisis

GONZALO I. WELCOME Madrid Updated Thursday, 14 may 2020 –17:55 The unemployment benefit for ‘artists who participate in public shows’ does not recognize bullfighting professionals who are seeing how SEPE denies their requests UNPBE While the world of the bull tries to resurrect from the knockout caused by the coronavirus crisis, bullfighting professionals – bullfighters […]

Salvation’s basic pension is still on the brink

The MPs from the CDU and CSU see a number of unanswered questions regarding the new social benefit, which is supposed to improve long-term low-wages in old age. You criticize: In the current form, the basic pension can neither be technically implemented nor paid. In view of the impending budget gaps in the corona crisis, […]

Company pension: Federal government wants to close the protection gap

German Bundestag Legislators want to do more to protect occupational pensions. (Photo: imago images / imagebroker) Berlin The Federal Government wants to better secure benefits from the company pension in the future. If an employer becomes insolvent, the Pensions-Sicherheit-Verein (PSV) should, under certain conditions, take over the payment of the company pension that the employer […]