The Nation / Senate passed a law that separates JEM officials from IPS insurance

Officials of the Magistrates Prosecution Jury (JEM) will no longer contribute to the Social Security Institute (IPS). This taking into account that yesterday, Thursday, the Chamber of Senators sanctioned the repeal of Law No. 6765/2021, which authorizes the incorporation into the social security of the pension plan of JEM officials and contractors and retirees who […]

I am European, without a European health insurance card

First, I need a temporary certification I need to provide: My registration certification for the current academic year or my student card. A certification of resources of at least 615 euros/month for the duration of the current year, My identity card. Let’s be practical: I will receive a temporary social security number, I will still […]

How an increase in Social Security benefits can affect your taxes

The cost-of-living adjustment, better known as COLA, allows Social Security beneficiaries to increase their retirement income to help combat inflation. At first glance, that’s excellent news, as it means more money. Nevertheless, more money could cause you to owe more taxes. One clarification: it would not apply to everyone. Social Security payments are not income […]

Social Security for journalists, without clarity: Gaviño

Jorge Gavino AmbrizDeputy of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), in the Mexico City Congresssaid that in the insurance program for journalists there is no clarity on the resources with which it would work, nor on its operation and in what percentage the payment of fees to IMSS will be made. “On July 6 […]

More jobs and more money in care

The number of employees in clinics was higher than ten years ago: at the end of 2020, a good 486,000 employees in hospitals in Germany were working in nursing. That was 18 percent more than in 2010. Almost half of the employees worked part-time. The number of employees in nursing homes and outpatient care grew […]

Social Security Number: when can a foreign worker in the US get one and how

In the United States, not all foreigners can obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), this privilege is only intended for those who have permission to work in the country, since this would be the only context in which they would need it. Social Security Numbers are used by […]

Deadlines and deductions in 730: here is the vademecum for the presentation

First of all, to benefit from the 19% personal income tax deduction for certain expenses (including health care, education, personal service workers / carers, interest payable on the loan) from 2020 it is also necessary to provide proof of payment made with traceable methods, i.e. by bank or postal transfer, postal order, Mav, debit card […]