Sodexo, Elior: salty addition for collective catering

The month of October was violent for collective catering. Two of the largest French operators, Sodexo and Elior, announced massive layoffs three weeks apart. Monday, Sodexo, world number 2 in the sector with 470,000 employees in 67 countries, informed employee representatives of a plan to cut 2,083 jobs. This decision affects 7% of the workforce […]

The British from Liberty Steel want the partial takeover of ThyssenKrupp. The dismantling of the German steel trust takes employees to the streets – Companies

The British company Liberty Steel has submitted an offer for the steel division of ThyssenKrupp, which is in difficulty. Stock markets are jubilant, unions are terrified. On Friday morning, about 3,000 ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe employees demonstrated in front of the Düsseldorf chancellery, demanding that the state support the German company. The Prime Minister of North […]

What are the salaries given by Tesla? From software engineers to product managers

Tesla is on track to face competition from a new generation of electric car startups that are preparing to launch a number of new vehicles. Against this background, Elon Musk’s company updated the data on employees’ salaries, which is a request for how Tesla works to recruit talent. The U.S. Office of Foreign Labor Certification […]

Microsoft allows most of its employees to telecommute forever

Teleworking is here to stay, at least in some companies. Microsoft, which already announced in May that it would allow its employees to continue teleworking until November, confirmed last Friday that lThe majority of its staff will be able to telework permanentlyregardless of the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic. As reported by ‘The Verge’, the […]