Chinese astronauts back on Earth after record mission

The three astronauts who worked on the construction of the Chinese space station have returned to Earth after their record three-month mission. This is reported by Chinese state television. Their capsule landed on Friday at about 1:35 p.m. local time (7:35 a.m. GMT) in the Gobi Desert, in northwestern China, CCTV footage shows. The landing […]

“The first nine minutes are the wild ones”>regional news> 06. September 2021 – 19:51 clock Nohfelden (dpa / lrs) – The German Esa astronaut Matthias Maurer (51) is not afraid of the planned flight to the International Space Station (ISS) on October 31. “I think then it would be the wrong job for me,” said the Saarland native from Oberthal on Monday […]

Looking for life in Europe: SpaceX receives prestige contract from NASA

The space company SpaceX can look forward to the next prestigious order: NASA regards the company’s Falcon Heavy rocket as the ideal carrier for a mission to the Jupiter moon Europe. The Falcon Heavy is one of the most powerful missiles ever built. It was primarily designed to move large payloads into Earth orbit. It […]

An American senator attacks Bezos because of his space flight

US Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted on Sunday about Jeff Bezos’ recent space flight, saying that if he could go to space, he could pay more taxes. Warren wrote on Twitter: “The richest man on Earth can travel to space while more than half of the country’s population lives on a salary, nearly 43 million people […]

Landing on Earth, Jeff Bezos warmly welcomed by girlfriend’s hug

Texas – Jeff Bezos managed to achieve his dream since childhood, shot into space. Accompanied by three other passengers, the richest man in the world flew on a New Shepard rocket made by his own company, Blue Origin. After landing back on Earth, Bezos was greeted warmly by his girlfriend. Yes, as soon as the […]

Munich: Travel agency sells tickets to space | Regional

Munich – Fly into space like billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson? SHE has the tickets for the trip! Travel agent Marion Aliabadi (51) from Munich sells tickets for flights into space – as a space agent for the Virgin Galactic company of billionaire Richard Branson (71, assets: 4.8 billion dollars). BILD visited Aliabadi in […]

The richest man in the world has returned to Earth

He returned to Earth Jeff Bezos, the founder of the world’s richest man, Amazon internet trading company aboard his own space company aboard New Shepard Central European Time on Wednesday afternoon from a launch pad 20 kilometers from Van Horn, Texas. On board the space capsule was also his brother, an 18-year-old Dutch man and […]

The man who paid $ 28 million for space travel with Jeff Bezos has left the event

Nevada City, First Published Jul 18, 2021, 8:15 AM IST സ്വSpace travel is the equivalent. Not to mention the billionaire and Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos. However, the man who boarded the Blue Origin company’s inaugural space tourism flight turned it down. The 18-year-old physics student left the trip after paying $ 28 million through an […]