NASA made a new statement about UFOs: scientists came to a consensus

Reading Time: 56 Seconds This information was reported by the No Worries resource, URA-Inform reports. The previous year, NASA assembled 16 experts on a task force to take a closer look at the mysterious objects reported by hundreds of military and commercial pilots. An important development was the appointment of Mark McInerney as Director of […]

The True Color of the Moon: Debunking the Myth of a White Moon

In reality, the Moon is not white! What is the true color of the Moon? Marc Hay 18/09/2023 05:00 7 min Since the dawn of humanity, the Moon has been an object of fascination. Visible to the naked eye and resplendent in the night sky, it has inspired tales, mythologies and calendars. Located at an […]

Build a Base on the Moon with Nuclear Assistance

Thursday, 14 September 2023 – 18:04 WIB LIVE Techno – Scientists in the UK have created a seed-sized mini nuclear fuel cell that could power a futuristic flower-shaped reactor on the Moon by 2030. This new tiny fuel cell, developed by researchers at the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University in Wales, is roughly the […]

NASA Discovers Knocking Star Called Al Quran

NASA captured interesting sounds from pulsar stars. (Photo: Inverse) JAKARTA – NASA’s observatory has managed to capture interesting sounds from pulsar stars in outer space that sound like knocking on a door. What is even more amazing is that this cosmic event is in accordance with what is explained in the Al Quran, which is […]

Asteroid worth $10 trillion is about to impact!

Artistic concept of the asteroid 16 Psyche. Credit: Maxar/ASU/P.Rubin/NASA/JPL-Caltech. Zeus Valtierra Meteored Mexico 10.09.2023 – 6:00 p.m. 7 min Psyche was created by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis am 17. März 1852 discovered. He named the asteroid after Psychethe Greek goddess of the soul who was born as a mortal and married Eros (Roman […]

One day, we could live on the planet Mars

JAKARTA – Planet Mars in the last two centuries it has been mapped by astronomers. Starting from a map of Mars in 1840 made by Wilhelm Beer and Johann von Mädler in Germany. It was further developed by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1877 which created lasting interest in the idea of ​​a Martian […]

NASA: It plans to launch rockets from Peruvian territory

NASA: It plans to launch rockets from Peruvian territory The IGP will offer scientific support to the project by carrying out measurements of the equatorial ionosphere from its Radio Observatory He Ministry of the Environment (Minam)through the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)has received a visit from representatives of the Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) from […]

This Most Iconic Supernova Turns Out to Have a Unique Structure, Like What? – Not long ago, NASA scientists began research on one of the most iconic supernovae discovered in February 1987. Supernova 1987A (SN 1987A) is a star explosion located 168,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Reported from PhysFriday (1/9/2023), the supernova has long been the target of quite intense observations, especially at […]

Astronomers Respond to Potential Black Holes Devouring the Universe

CNN Indonesia Friday, 11 Aug 2023 08:55 WIB Illustration. Is it possible for a black hole to suck up the universe? (Photo: iStockphoto/Cappan) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Black hole identical to its gravitational pull which is so great that it can swallow stars, planets, and even other black holes. Does that mean black hole […]