Venus Williams to the injured Grigor: Your most loyal fan supports you

Grigor Dimitrov ended his participation in this year’s US Open early after giving up the second round during his match against Alexei Popirin due to an injury in his left foot. Today, the best Bulgarian tennis player reassured his fans after he posted more information about his injury on his official Instagram profile, saying that […]

Japanese mission reveals night weather of Venus

On night weather from Venus little is known, since the absence of Sun light makes imaging difficult, but now scientists from the Japanese mission Akatsuki They identified a new method capable of unlocking the first climatic secrets of the night from our closest neighbor. This is the first time that researchers have been able to […]

Life on Venus is impossible after all

Life as we know it on Earth is impossible on Venus because the atmosphere contains too little water vapor, according to a study published Monday. This goes against the so-called discovery of a gas that could possibly be linked to life. &nbsp- 30/06/2021 om 10:00 In the clouds of Venus, “no active life is possible,” […]

No life possible on Venus, for lack of water

Life as it is known on Earth is impossible on Venus, for lack of enough water in its atmosphere, according to a study on Monday, a new rebuttal to that of scientists on the detection of a gas possibly linked to living things. “There is no possible active life” in the clouds of Venus, microbiologist […]

NASA now has Venus, two missions soon, costing $ 500 million

For the first time in 30 years, NASA is looking at Venus. The space agency will launch two new missions over the next 10 years. A $ 500 million project has been launched for this. The missions aim to understand how Venus, with its many Earth – like characteristics, became a hellish world. NASA also […]

NASA publishes an amazing photo of volcanic eruptions on Venus

From the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD to the eruption of Mount Pelé in 1902, several catastrophic volcanic explosions have occurred on Earth, but the new image published by NASA reveals that volcanic eruptions on Venus are different, as NASA said: “Evidence of the existence of volcanoes has been announced. Currently active on […]

Results 18.10: Expectation of hunger and five questions

UN Secretary General in Portugal The UN head believes that the world community has not passed the test of the pandemic; Ukrainians will be offered to answer five questions of the president. highlights the main events of yesterday. Poverty and hunger await the world – UN Secretary General The world has not been able […]