When changing operator, I don’t come for the crown, credit you back for free

The amendment to the law on electronic communications, which entered into force this 1. April, brought in addition to another option to apply for a refund of any unused credit when they change service provider. This was, however, associated fee. At least charged by T-Mobile, and it 118,98 Czk. Předplacenkáři Vodafone then had to calculate […]

What is 5G? – Advantages, risks & current status of the 5G network

Dusseldorf On June 12, 2019, the path to a new technology was paved in a simple functional building in Mainz. The Federal Network Agency auctioned off the frequencies for real-time mobile 5G. Technology should do more than just faster mobile internet. It should make completely new applications possible. Behind it is the performance of 5G. […]

Providers confirm their expansion plans for the LTE anniversary

Cell phone masts The first LTE frequencies were auctioned on May 20, 2010 for just under EUR 4.4 billion. (Photo: dpa) Berlin On the tenth anniversary of the auction of LTE mobile radio frequencies in Germany in May 2010, the mobile phone providers have specified their expansion plans. In a conversation with the German press […]

Horst Seehofer strengthens cyber defense – Huawei dispute unresolved

Berlin The first draft of a new IT security law was in circulation in Berlin more than a year ago. “Cyber ​​attacks continue to pose great danger for the state, economy and society,” it said at the time, which spoke for a certain urgency of the project. Still, nothing happened for months. The government was […]

5G network equipment suppliers should issue a declaration of trust

Berlin The Federal Ministry of the Interior has submitted a draft for a new security law to settle the almost one-and-a-half-year governmental dispute over the participation of the Chinese technology group Huawei in the German 5G network. The regulations contain an important concession to the Huawei critics: the Ministry of the Interior admits that a […]

What the end of 3G means for mobile phone users

Whether 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G: the main thing is that the connection stays. Picture: dpa The UMTS networks will be switched off in the coming year. This has consequences for millions of customers. Expect inflation or slow internet. I.An era is coming to an end in mobile communications. The UMTS network is gradually being switched […]

Vodafone plans to switch off the 3G network in Germany in mid-2021

Dusseldorf After Telekom and Telefónica (O2), Vodafone has also announced a schedule for the end of the 3G mobile network. The end of June 2021 is over, the network operator announced on Thursday. The O2 network will also be terminated at O2 at the end of June 2021. Telekom wants to switch off the mobile […]

Liberty boss John Malone: ​​The restless dealmaker

Dusseldorf He combed the white hair to the side parting, he holds his hands folded in his lap. “We were always looking for good opportunities,” said John Malone in an interview with CNBC. His body language looks like that of a shy school boy. One of Malone’s hallmarks is to be very withdrawn in his […]

Merger of O2 and Virgin Media would reorganize the mobile communications market

New York, London, Madrid It is news that attracts attention: The Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica is negotiating with the US rival Liberty Global about a merger of the British subsidiaries O2 and Virgin Media. It would be an amalgamation of two names known in Great Britain – but which are active in different areas: O2 […]