Carlos Alcaraz and a very special book to overcome isolation

They say that a little reading before going to bed is the best way to end the day, an easy advice to follow for all those who love to read. At Open de AustraliaGiven the extreme conditions of isolation, many are the players who dedicate time to books, although there are books that are more […]

Novak Djokovic: “My good intentions have been misinterpreted”

After many days without wanting to pronounce, Novak Djokovic He has used his social networks to send a letter in which he expresses himself freely about everything that is happening in recent days in Australia, a couple of weeks after starting the Open de Australia 2021. In this letter, the Serbian offers his point of […]

Novak Djokovic Australian Open 2021 petitions denied

Health is above everything and everyone. In that line of thought it has been shown Daniel Andrews, Prime Minister of the State of Victoria who has not been slow to meet the requests made by Novak Djokovic to Craig Tiley, in which he demanded more equal treatment for all tennis players and a relaxation of […]

Alexander Zverev leaves Roger Federer’s agency – Fil Info – ATP

The world number 7 has made resolutions for the new year 2021. Starting by rethinking its management and communication strategy. Alexander Zverev lived a turbulent 2020 from an extra-sporting point of view: the accusations of his ex-girlfriend, the winning of his lawsuit against his former agent after several years. In an Instagram story that looks […]

Spain will have more than ten Challengers in 2021

Many people have wondered why Italy has such a powerful litter of young players. Colloquially, we could say of them that ‘they come from under the stones’. They are everywhere, they enjoy opportunities in many tournaments and they raise the tennis level of a nation eager for great figures. Behind all the success, however, there […]

ATP announces a new modification for the ranking

He ranking ATP It has been one of the aspects that has suffered the most changes in recent months due to the pandemic. In order not to punish players who decided to stay at home due to the risk of traveling internationally, the governing body of the men’s circuit decided to extend the limits of […]