Not Paying Debt, BLBI Task Force Seizes Golf Course Besan Setnov – Chairman of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Task Force (BLBI) Rionald Silaban again confiscated assets related to obligor PT Bank Asia Pacific on behalf of Setiawan Harjono and Hendrawan Haryono and affiliated parties. “This is something that we owe to solve the BLBI problem since 1998,” Rionald said BetweenThursday (23/6/2022). “Therefore, it is […]

UAS Alludes to Rejection When Tausiah is in Jonggol: Why? Why It’s Festive?

Jakarta – Ustaz Abdul Somad or UAS continued to give lectures during the tabligh akbar activity held at the Citra Indah City Jonggol Housing Complex, Bogor, West Java, despite the local community’s viral rejection. UAS was also surprised that the congregation who attended the tablig akbar event was still crowded despite his viral refusal. Monitoring […]

Using Police Attributes to Escort Ambulance, Motorcyclist Arrested at the Peak – A driver with the initials H was arrested in the Puncak area, Bogor Regency because he was caught using the attribute police. Police even that fake has to deal with police at the Bogor Police Headquarters, Thursday (12/5). Head of Traffic at the Bogor Police, AKP Dicky Pranata, explained that H was arrested […]

Kid Kidnapped During Sports in Bogor Found Safe in Jakarta

Bogor – Fahri F Nasution, an 11-year-old boy who went missing by an unknown man during a sport in Kemang, Bogor, has been found. The fifth grade elementary school student was found in the South Jakarta area in a safe condition. “His son (Fahri) has been found. His condition is safe. (Found) in Jakarta, again […]

Police Apply One Way From Puncak to Jakarta Starting This Saturday Afternoon

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The one-way or one-way system from Puncak to Jakarta will take effect on Saturday afternoon, May 7, 2022. At 13.00 WIB, officers from the Bogor Resort Police crossed Jalan Cisarua to open a route for vehicles from Puncak that were going down to Jakarta. After the traffic was opened, thousands of vehicles […]

The Latest Testimony About the Unexpected Ujang Bachelor’s Figure

Jakarta – The actions of two traders at Bogor Market named Rahman (20) and his older sister, Kurniali (23) who complained hysterically directly to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) about Ujang Bachelor were in the spotlight. Ujang Bachelor is said to have been arrested by the police for resisting illegal levies (extortion) at the Bogor Market. […]