Colombian who works in Russian vaccine

The Santander doctor Germán Leonardo Abril Arenas, who work in Moscow with the scientific team that develops the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, He said that this is not universal and that, for example, it has not been experienced in HIV patients. “It has been determined that it will be a protection of two years”, Held. […]

Anticovid vaccine would not be free for the entire population in Colombia | Economy

In the midst of the global race for the development and purchase of vaccines for covid-19, the Congress of the Republic put the accelerator on the so-called vaccine law, which brings key mechanisms to facilitate access to the vaccine, the only solution long-term for the virus.(Read: The world already has three vaccines with good results […]

Five must-see Xbox Black Friday deals

🔊 Play The XBox game store is up to 65% off some of its best titles. Watch Dogs «Legion»: The incredible third installment of this series of games from Ubisoft for Xbox It is loaded with action, adventure and a lot of adrenaline. You will be able to control several agents within a control society […]

Naloxone for Addicts: Barriers to Access or Medical Safety?

An organization administers this medicine for free in Colombia, although it does not have an Invima sanitary registry. Their spokespersons assure that they will continue to do so until underlying problems are resolved in populations with addiction. In early November, Invima published a health alert on its website about a drug called naloxone. It was […]

The Editorial | Pandemic fatigue

In Colombia, mental health care is deficient. It always has been, so as this health crisis continues to drag on, it should be a cause for concern that millions of people – seriously affected by the consequences of the economic challenges and bitter experiences accumulated during the pandemic – do not receive support. to cope […]

WhatsApp Web | Application will stop working on computer in 2021 | Listing | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Tutorial | Trick | Viral | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

¿Usas WhatsApp Web? The app is used many times to view their conversations on the big screen, making it the favorite of a large number of users. Although you do not have video calls and calls on PC yet, this is what you should know today. Currently the company of the fast messaging application has […]