How fashion can shape a film

Dhe French have Chanel. And of course Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Chloé. But let’s stay with Chanel, because Chanel is set to hit the screens this fall, at least in French cinemas. It is neither about the film adaptation of the life of Coco Chanel nor about the work of Karl Lagerfeld (the film […]

Kris Jenner will bequeath North West a one-of-a-kind Chanel bag

Kris Jenner will bequeath North West a unique Chanel bag | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Kris Jenner’s will includes a gift for North West that Kim Kardashian also wants this […]

Autumn wears art

With the end of the holidays and summer giving its last breath, festivals are now giving way to exhibitions. The museums already have everything ready to kick off a new season full of painting, photography, sculpture and illustrations in which Pablo Picasso will undoubtedly be the main protagonist: he monopolizes three exhibitions this fall. But […]

Caroline de Maigret and her musical idyll with Chanel in Saint-Tropez

Each summer the exclusive Chanel boutiques-which only open seasonally in Saint-Tropez, Capri and Marbella- make these Mediterranean destinations the most desirable corners to visit and buy. A seasonal boutique In the one of Saint Tropez, located in the villa La Mistrale for more than 10 years, a beige and black van with the double C […]

Paris haute couture is back as if we had just slept through the last two years

In Paris, the haute couture fashion week was held between July 4 and 7, 2022, and most designers returned to the regular fashion show with catwalks, models, and an illustrious host of guests, including their billionaire clients who want unique and/or striking luxury. It is a strange contradiction that this event for super-rich customers, which […]

Eurovision 2022 | The favorites of the Second Semifinal

We enter the final stretch of Eurovision 2022 with a Second Semifinal that promises and much. Tonight starting at 9:00 p.m., we will live a very close gala because the draw wanted the best candidates to coincide in this second final. We talk about Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, […]

Angèle custom-dressed by Chanel for ‘Nonante-cinq’ tour

©  AFP Angèle (26) has been able to call herself the face of the French fashion house Chanel for two years now and that apparently runs very smoothly. They are even expanding their collaboration. For the tour ‘Nonante-cinq’, designer Virginie Viard has made tailor-made outfits. A first for the brand. Angèle’s new wardrobe consists of […]

Chanel doesn’t sell to Russians anywhere in the world anymore, to the fury of influencers: “They wouldn’t sell me a handbag because I’m from Russia!”

Archive image — ©  Shutterstock Fashion company Chanel no longer sells products to Russians, even if they want to buy products in a store outside of Russia. To the anger of numerous Russian influencers, who accuse the company of supporting fascism and Nazism. jvhSource: East2West, New York Post Tuesday 5 April 2022 at 09:40 Chanel […]

Chanel revolutionizes Twitter with its brutal show in London

The artist continues to reap successes and the last of them took place this weekend in the London capital. A performance in which she has felt very supported from minute one. Chanel He has participated this weekend in the London Eurovision Party and as soon as he got on stage the public gave everything during […]