Lavender Bath Bomb Kylie by Kylie Jenner

Lavender Bath BombThis bath bomb is formulated with lavender flowers, coconut oil and canola oil. She instantly releases thefresh and relaxing lavender scent and leaves behind lavender flowers and sea salt when dropped in water. “I love the bath bomb because it instantly releases the fresh, relaxing scent of lavender when dropped in the tub.” […]

With just one product, say goodbye to wrinkles from 30 to 60 years old

The best way to fight wrinkles is to take proper care of your skin every day with everything it deserves. The sooner the better, but it goes without saying that it’s never too late, at least with this cream that can be used by both mothers and daughters. And the Perricone MD Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizer, […]

Bio 5 Protective Oil against hair loss Laboratoires Science & quilibre

Description Extreme nutrition to the tips and sun protectionBio 5 Protective Oil against hair loss combines 5 organic vegetable oils Safflower, Coconut, Jojoba, Karanja and Mongogo to bring nutrition and suppleness to the hair fiber all year round. Your hair is sublime and easy to style. Lengths and ends will especially appreciate this highly nutritious […]