Kimia Farma’s Cash Flow Can Be Minus Rp 300 Billion, This Is the Cause

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk (KAEF) must dig a manhole cover to run the company’s operations. Because the corona pandemic (Covid-19) made the company’s financial burden increase. This condition is compounded by the existence of outstanding loans of Rp 2.2 trillion. Kimia Farma President Director Verdi Budidarmo was open about this […]

thermometers have become a rare commodity in France

“We have nothing left”. At each pharmacy, the same answer: There are no more thermometers. Whether the history says “Gallium”, The classic “electronic” or the most wanted one “without touching”, the temperature measurement tool is still not found in most pharmacies in France. From the first cases of coronavirus, the French ran to get a […]

Sales in pharmacies plummet

Pharmacies have lost a third of their activity due to the disaffection of medical offices. Sales of prescription drugs, which account for three-quarters of pharmacists’ revenues, fell 25 to 30%. Jean-Christophe Marmara / JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO Between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., David Abenhaim sold 60,000 masks in his pharmacy in Marseille on […]

LIVE – Coronavirus: the sale of masks again authorized in pharmacies

⇒ 11:20 a.m .: [ROYAUME-UNI] Boris Johnson returns to business The curve of the coronavirus epidemic “Begins to reverse” in the UK but the British must continue to adhere to containment measures to avoid an upsurge. Prime Minister Boris Johnson just said this in his first speech on Monday after he recovered from the coronavirus. […]

Where there are masks now

DThere was a big rush on Wednesday, one day after it was clear that a mask requirement would soon also apply in Hesse: The employees of the second-hand boutique “Samt & Sonders” in Frankfurt’s Nordend district sold 120 self-made masks – all, that they still had. In the evening, Susanne Gietz-Shaikh and three other colleagues […]

“The great inventory of flagrant untruths about chloroquine”

End of February 2020. The first Frenchman who had not recently traveled abroad died in the Oise. For doctors worried about what’s going on in China, this is the red alert. Despite posters posted by Agnès Buzyn at airports, the coronavirus has entered French territory. No one knew at the time how it would be […]

“The elephant in the room” – Liberation

This diary started just before confinement, four weeks ago, and yet I barely touched on “The elephant in the room”, “The elephant in the room”. This English expression indicates an important, obvious, possibly risky subject, of which everyone notes the existence but which nobody dares to mention, for fear of the consequences. Our elephant is […]