Who will be vaccinated first in the United States?

The list of priority populations in the United States for vaccination against Covid-19 has not been officially decided, but already expert opinions diverge there compared to the choices of other countries like France, in particular on workers essential. There will be no single rule in the United States: at the risk of creating confusion, as […]

Covid: starting tomorrow serological tests in Abruzzo – Abruzzo pharmacies

They will be free for students, cohabitants and school staff (ANSA) – PESCARA, NOVEMBER 30 – The campaign that involves the execution of serological tests in Abruzzo pharmacies is underway. The initiative is the result of an agreement signed by the Region, Federfarma and Assofarm. The test is free for students, school and university staff. […]

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed ​​Has Paid, For The World

On May 15, Donald Trump announced an operation to develop a vaccine against Covid-19 before the end of the year, a mission now almost completed and little affected by the incident in the development of AstraZeneca vaccine / Oxford, one of six backed by Washington. “A massive scientific, industrial and logistic enterprise, never seen in […]

Side Effects of the H1N1 Vaccine: A Flu Compensation Process

She says she has no words. More than eleven years after her vaccination against the H1N1 flu, which caused her a very debilitating narcolepsy-cataplexy, Marie C. is awaiting her compensation. However, it is the State which must pay it to him, because when purchasing the vaccine, he had undertaken to bear the cost of any […]

Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health

29/10/2020 – CITIZEN PARTICIPATION – Prior public consultation of the draft of the “Decree approving the Statute of labor research staff in the service of biosanitary foundations and health research institutes of the Valencian Community Date of commencement of submission of contributions: 28/10/2020 Deadline for submission of contributions: 11/28/2020 Mailbox for sending contributions: [email protected] More […]

Amazon shakes up a new industry: opens an online pharmacy

NEW YORK Amazon opened an online pharmacy on Tuesday, giving its customers the ability to buy medication and order their prescriptions through their cell phones and have them delivered to their doorstep in a couple of days, like a book or toilet paper. The possible impact of Amazon’s entry into the pharmaceutical industry shook the […]

Covid-19: five questions on the use of midazolam and Rivotril in nursing homes

The France 3 magazine “Pièces à conviction” devoted its last issue on Wednesday November 18 to the situation of nursing homes particularly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In a short excerpt highlighted by the channel before the broadcast, our colleagues focused on the use of two drugs in the context of palliative care in nursing […]

Amazon expands in the health sector with its online pharmacy in the United States

Related news The e-commerce giant Amazon presented Amazon Pharmacy, a section of its retail website and mobile app that allows people to Buy medicines. Consumers can pay with their health insurance. Prime members who do not use their insurance are eligible for discounts on generic and brand-name drugs on the Amazon site or at approximately […]

Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health

RESOLUTION of November 16, 2020, of the General Director of Human Resources of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública by which Edition 18 of the temporary employment lists is convened, the registration period for applicants and update of merits of male and female candidates already registered on the temporary employment lists of health […]