The unrest in the Government grows due to Berni’s attitudes – News

In the national government there is discomfort with the attitudes of the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni – who once again questioned the work of the National Security Ministry – and asked the governor, Axel Kicillof, to “take care” of the issue. This was indicated to the agency Argentine News Casa Rosada sources, […]

Cristina Pérez and her harsh editorial against the Government – News

The journalist Cristina Pérez severely questioned the national government in the editorial of her radio program. In the beginning of a stricter quarantine that seeks to slow down the increase in coronavirus cases in the Metropolitan Area, Pérez questioned the lack of creativity of the Nation in the midst of the economic crisis that yields […]

Containment puts an end to their crossing in solidarity

The coronavirus and containment will have shaken up many lives and projects, even the most united. A few months ago, we were telling you this cool story of four friends, Alexandre Allain, Thibaud and Romain Lévrier, Jérémy Boucaud, ready to embark on a tour of the Atlantic Ocean. The name of this operation: Ahoy, from […]

Opel loses a number of lawsuits against dismissal protection

Dhe Rüsselsheim-based carmaker Opel has lost a number of dismissal lawsuits before the Darmstadt labor court and only reached a settlement in a minority of cases. The Darmstadt Labor Court of the F.A.Z. communicated on request. The employees resisted the dismissals they received after they had objected to their jobs being transferred to the service […]

New Horizons is the game of the moment

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:04/24/2020 07: 48h save Related news It is one of the most successful series of Nintendo has managed to revolutionize the Switch console. A game in which players have the possibility to move to a desert island and create a community from its foundations. In times of confinement, video games like this, […]

Geoffrey Sassot-Boyd, making stones through time

He remembers very well where he was on April 15, 2019, during the conflagration of Notre-Dame de Paris. ” I was at home and learned about it on the radio, says Geoffrey Sassot-Boyd, stonemason at Lefèvre, a heritage restoration company. Even if I’m not a believer, inevitably it does something. I grew up in Paris […]

11 best mobile games to cure your boring journey

Going to work is an unfortunate and inevitable reality of modern life, but mobile games make it much less miserable. Several popular titles like Fortnite Y PUBG They have reached mobile devices in recent years, offering busy people the chance to escape the stagnation of their cans of mobile sardines and their games while traveling. […]