Putin and Erdogan agree to cease fire in Syria

MOSCOW: Russia and Turkey agreed to a ceasefire in northwestern Syria, where the intense fighting caused a humanitarian catastrophe and brought the nuclear power and the member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to direct war. “At midnight, a ceasefire will be imposed,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in a Kremlin room on […]

Former UAW president accused of conspiring to embezzle union funds

Gary Jones addresses delegates to the union bargaining convention in Detroit in March 2019. Photo: Carlos Osorio / Associated Press Updated on March 5, 2020 10:21 am ET Federal prosecutors have accused former United Auto Workers president Gary Jones of conspiring to embezzle union funds, making him the former highest-ranking union official to be caught […]

The United States orders a cap on Chinese state media personnel

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration is ordering China’s main state media companies to reduce the ranks of Chinese citizens in the United States in retaliation for years of tightening restrictions on the US media by Beijing. State Department officials said Monday that a staff limit is being imposed on four Chinese media companies, forcing them […]

The exit polls of the Israeli elections put Netanyahu ahead of the challenger

TEL AVIV: exit polls for Israel’s third national election in less than a year suggested that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the main challenger Benny Gantz and was close to securing a majority in Israel’s parliament. Three exit polls on Monday suggested that both men did not have enough support to form a majority coalition […]

Israelis tired of the elections vote for the third time to try to break the deadlock

TEL AVIV – The Israelis went to the polls in their third national election in less than a year, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to defend himself against a challenge from his main rival Benny Gantz. But voters fear Monday‚Äôs vote may end in another stalemate. The Israelis were voting in a parliamentary election […]

Iraq’s prime minister withdraws candidacy for a position

The appointed prime minister of Iraq withdrew his candidacy for office on Sunday, saying he was facing the obstruction of some political factions on the reforms, deepening political turmoil in the country when facing a growing coronavirus challenge. Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi faced the vested interests of the political parties that dominated Iraq since he became […]

United States and Taliban sign agreement to end the longest US war

DOHA, Qatar: The United States and the Taliban signed a historic agreement on Saturday to end the longest war in the United States and pave the way for Afghan factions to end 18 years of costly struggles in their country. At the shouts of “God is great” by the Taliban leaders, a co-founder of the […]

In Syria, Erdogan faces the limits of pivoting Putin

With the growing losses in Syria and with no signs that Turkey’s Western allies are willing to provide significant military support, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces the limits of his strategy of working with the main sponsor of the Syrian government, Russia. Turkey said Friday that it retaliated against the forces of Syrian President Bashar […]

US income In the US, spending increased in January before the coronavirus

WASHINGTON – The coronavirus and related stock market declines this week began to make consumers anxious, although Americans began the year in a good position with revenues that increased in January and inflation remained under control. While consumer opinions on the economy improved in February, a fifth of the people surveyed by the University of […]