National education: The ministry entrusts the school year to God

The pupils of the commune of Koumassi communicated with God in the presence of their trainers and supervisors. A delegation from the Ministry of National Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training led by Technical Advisor Assane Sarr, was in several churches and at the great mosque in Koumassi commune on January 8. With the students […]

“When I found out about the possibility of coming, I did not hesitate”: Jhon Freddy Pajoy

Jhon Pajoy, a 32-year-old winger from Valle del Cauca, signed a contract and officially became a Junior player. The rojiblanco club made the official announcement this Thursday morning through its social networks. Pajoy, brother of fellow soccer player Lionard Pajoy, currently at Alianza Universidad de Perú, comes from Deportivo Pasto, where he completed an outstanding […]

Wife of NBA star Steph Curry shares a video of her son worshiping God

NBA star Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha shared a touching video of their baby worshiping to praise the music November 26, 2020 00:00 hs We hear this almost every night before bed. Canon says he’s worshiping and makes whoever’s in the room do too. It is the sweetest. I tried to record it the […]

Gearbox new game Godpole, PS5 and Epic Games store officially launched

▲ Representative image of Godfall (Photo courtesy of Epic Games Korea) Gearbox’s new GODPOL was officially released on the 12th in the next-generation console PS5 and Epic Games store. Godfall is an action RPG based on close combat developed by Counterplay Games. Players must fight against enemies as a holy warrior wearing a’baler plate’, a […]

Because of the corona virus, church services in Krefeld are at risk again

October 11, 2020 at 6:10 p.m. Paid content: Precautions : Corona endangers church services again – including Christmas For church services in St. Dionysius in the city center, a distance rule of at least 1.50 meters has applied since May. Photo: Andreas Bischof Krefeld Catholic and Protestant communities in Krefeld are already working on alternatives […]

The asteroid “God of Chaos” is accelerating and could collide with Earth in 2068!

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 10:38 a.m. Researchers at the University of Hawaii have warned that an asteroid nicknamed “God of Chaos” could collide with Earth in 2068. The asteroid, officially called “Apophis”, is estimated to be 340 meters in diameter – that is, larger than the Eiffel Tower! In the study, the […]

God of War and Final Fantasy 7 Remake are updated with improvements for PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War Y God of War 3Remastered has been remastered to prepare for the release of PS5, Sony’s next-generation console that will arrive in Spain on November 19. This is how he has revealed it Lance McDonald, a famous mud, on your personal Twitter account. This user has reported in […]

There is joy in Moñitos for the fishing of 4 tons of horse mackerel

The four tons of horse mackerel that they fished on the beaches of Moñitos, Córdoba between Friday and Saturday, is a blessing for hundreds of families who for more than six months suffered physical hunger due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the beneficiaries of this sub-store is Edelberto Morelo, a fisherman in the area, […]

Rihanna under fire after using Islamic lyrics in lingerie show. Marketer Fatima explains why her action is problematic | Psycho | Nina

Exclusively for subscribers BSRagency BACKGRID De modeshow van Rihanna’s ‘Savage X Fenty’. Psycho Diversity is finally getting more attention in fashion. Although sometimes things still go wrong. Just look at Rihanna: the queen of inclusivity regularly works with models of all sizes, weights and colors, but went wrong by using fragments from the Islamic Hadith […]