The pear harvest expected to rise in Europe

Pear production in Europe is set to be higher than last year, according to estimates made by two Dutch growers’ organizations. For apples, production would decrease slightly. The GroentenFruit Huis and the Nederlandse Fruittelers Organisatie expect a pear harvest of almost 2.2 million tonnes, which would be 12% more than a year ago. Apple production […]

With the harvest of fruit it looks pale. What will be the least this year? OVERVIEW

The data result from the first processed estimates registered in the Register of Orchards of the Central Inspection and Testing Institute of Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ). The estimate of the fruit harvest is valid as of June 15, and so far it looks like the apricots will be significantly below the five-year average. Compared to 2015-2019, this […]

Faced with shortage of agricultural labor, government opens borders

In many regions, negotiations were already going well with the prefectures to obtain exemptions and bring in Romanians and Bulgarians. The strawberry harvest near Orleans. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP Farmers who lack arms will be able to look outside the borders again. The government confirmed on Thursday that foreign workers in Europe, who have a […]

Flights for Romanian workers for the UK harvest

BY iñigo gurruchaga British farmers need some 80,000 workers for the spring vegetable and fruit harvest and some companies have resorted to charter special flights to bring Romanian workers to England’s most fertile farms – in Kent, East Anglia or Lincolnshire. Local recruitment is not enough, despite the loss of jobs due to the coronavirus. […]

a great harvest of films on VOD

Crowned with four Oscars, the Palme d’Or and the César for Best Foreign Film, Parasite by Bong Joon-ho was the most anticipated. There is a before and after this feature which became cult as soon as it was released, the first foreign film to win the Oscar for Best Film and the first Korean film […]

How corona disrupts the chain from field to plate

A third of the world’s population is tasked to stay at home, over 90 percent live in a country with travel restrictions and many border controls have been tightened. The consequences of the corona measures can already be clearly felt in the most basic branch of the economy: the food supply. From asparagus cultivation in […]

The jazz pianist Herbie Hancock turns 80

I.Is Herbie Hancock the rightful heir to Miles Davis or is he just his heir? Miles Davis himself answered the question on which the spirits of jazz differ. Herbie Hancock is the only one of forty-five pianists who has been able to stand with John Coltrane’s most influential jazz musician of the past half century […]

Beer brewers fear a wave of bankruptcies due to the corona crisis

Dusseldorf “It’s a nightmare,” says Peter König, sole owner of the “Im Füchschen” brewery in Düsseldorf’s old town. He hasn’t had a draft beer in two weeks, and the 1848 cult brewery had to close due to the corona crisis. Otherwise, when the weather is fine, hundreds of guests stand in front of the “Füchschen” […]