This man carefully planned his proposal, but he didn’t expect one thing

The man planned the most beautiful day of their lives, he dreamed everything until the last moment – then life rewrote his script. Love It’s been almost four weeks since their engagement video was posted online, but according to the signs, their story will only spread around the world in these days. More than 4 […]

Scott Fischer, former head of the New York Insurance Commission, is joining Lemonade

06/15/2022, 9838 characters Lemonade (NYSE: LMND), the social digital insurance company, today announced the appointment of Scott Fischer as Head of Government Relations and Co-General Counsel of Lemonade Insurance Company. As Lemonade’s first Head of Government Relations, Fischer will act as a strategic advisor on laws and regulations affecting the business and will guide strategy […]

Victoria Bröcker will soon be in charge of the Young Theater in Krefeld

June 3, 2022 at 5:00 p.m Victoria Bröcker has been at Theater Krefeld for over 30 years : The new director for the Young Theater “We are all actors”: Victoria Bröcker in the auditorium of the Krefeld Theater. She made a film with the dancer Victoria Hay about self-perception and the perception of others. Photo: […]

Britney Spears had an abortion

The sad news was announced on Spagram with Spears ’love, Sam Asghari. The pregnancy of the world star was in its first weeks. “We draw strength from our love for each other” The legendary singer, 40-year-old Britney Spears: and her partner, Sam Asgarhi, told Sadagram news on Instagram that she was miscarried in the first […]

Klaudia Halejcio got engaged to her beloved Oscar? Just look at this ring

– It’s true, someone important to me has appeared in my life. His name is Oskar. Friends joke that I can finish my acting career because I have already won my Oscar. Although he was actually the one who conquered me. We met through a mutual friend. Oskar is a businessman and he is very […]

Johnny Depp asked for Jennifer Gray’s hand in the eighties

Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp mingled in a short-lived but more passionate love affair in the eighties. The actress reported the details in her recent memoir. Jennifer Gray fell into Johnny Depp’s arms Jennifer Gray’s life revived a lot in the eighties: that’s when Dirty Dancing, which brought a huge breakthrough, appeared, but the development […]

After four years of relationship: Keanu Reeves fuels engagement rumors

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves at the “LACMA Art + Film Gala” in late 2019. Foto: 2019 Ovidiu Hrubaru/ Could Keanu Reeves be a married man soon? The rumors of an engagement to Alexandra Grant are at least getting louder: The actor was spotted in a jewelry store. Keanu Reeves, 57, has fueled engagement rumors […]