The resistance of certain condoms pinned down by “60 million consumers”

Do all condoms have the same resistance? Obviously, the answer is no according to “60 million consumers”. In a survey published in November, the association revealed the results of its tests carried out on 18 different models (brand, thickness, material). All are stamped “CE”, the label of the European standard. According to these tests, the […]

this is how the star did it, despite “the jammers on the set”

Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 11:17 a.m. Cauet, like many personalities, took part in the program “Who wants to win millions? ”On TF1 in order to raise money for an association. This Monday, a relative of the host revealed that the latter had in fact cheated during the game. This Monday, November 23, […]

The most insecure passwords of 2020 named

Фото: mirror The easiest passwords to crack 2020 Millions of people continue to use the 123456 or 123456789 combinations that can be hacked in less than a second. The list of the easiest passwords to crack in 2020 has been published. It was reported by the TechRepublic portal on Thursday, November 19. The rating was […]

Cuatroochenta acquires Microsoft partner Ekamat for up to 4.4 million euros

MADRID, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) The Cuatroochenta technology company has acquired Ekamat, one of Microsoft’s most important partners in Spain, for an amount of up to 4.4 million euros, an operation with which the company seeks to multiply the scope of its digital cloud solutions to improve the business performance. In a statement to ‘BME Growth’, […]

Taxation of rental income: Belgium sentenced to a fine of 2 million euros

Belgium has not correctly implemented the rules relating to the calculation of rental income. LBelgium was sentenced Thursday to a fine of 2 million euros and a fine of 7,500 euros per day, for failing to comply with a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the calculation of income rental […]

“In December we could vaccinate ten million people,” said the President

President Alberto Fernández announced yesterday that by the end of December the vaccination operation against the coronavirus could begin, which would reach about 10 million people. And in the framework of a comprehensive health operation, the Russian vaccine would be used. The President also announced that both the Federal Capital and the Conurbano and La […]

FAR Ltd has finally found a buyer for its oil assets in Senegal

(Ecofin Agency) – After several months of research and despite a context that does not really lend itself to it, the Australian company FAR Ltd has succeeded in finding a buyer for its 15% stake in the Sangomar oil project off Senegal. This transaction will mark the withdrawal of FAR from the country. On Wednesday, […]

US Supreme Court reluctant to strike down health insurance for millions of Americans

It was also the first hearing for the last judge to arrive, Amy Coney Barrett. Lhe Supreme Court appeared skeptical on Tuesday of Donald Trump’s government request to completely strike down Barack Obama’s landmark health insurance law, which the outgoing president has already failed to repeal in Congress. In the midst of a pandemic, the […]

Brussels Airlines records a loss of 233 million euros over nine months

Brussels Airlines carried 73% fewer passengers between January and September. An the first three quarters of the year, Brussels Airlines recorded a loss of 233 million euros, due to the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus on travel demand, the airline announced on Thursday. Its turnover fell 70% to 339 million euros, and its operating income […]