Wall Street goes into the red on triple witchcraft – Stock Exchange

The main indices on Wall Street ended the last session of the week in the red, with chip manufacturers penalizing market sentiment, after TSMC asked its suppliers to delay the delivery of high-end manufacturing equipment. of semiconductors. Companies in the “chip” sector, such as Applied Materials, Nvidia, AMD, Broadcom and Micron Tecnology, lost more than […]

Fear of Nipahvirus in South India

As of: September 15, 2023 2:16 p.m Schools are closed, roadblocks have been set up – there is once again a lockdown in several communities. This time the Nipah virus is circulating – with a high death rate and long incubation period. They are images that everyone knows: men in white protective suits, wearing FFP2 […]

Chancellor Olaf Scholz at G20 Summit: Selling the Results as a Success

New Delhi (dpa) – One of the rituals of international summits is that the participants ultimately sell the results as a success – no matter how thin they may be. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is particularly good at this discipline. In his short press conference with Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) at the G20 summit […]

Investment Opportunities in the Booming eSports Sector

MARKETS: Investment opportunities in the eSports sector Franco Macchiavelli, head of analysis at Admirals Spain – Saturday, September 9 In recent years, the popularity of electronic sports or eSports has grown exponentially to become a million-dollar industry that has international leagues that attract followers around the world. This sporting trend has professionalized video game competitions, […]

Wiene wrestling professional – WWE star Gunther: “I left traces”

Viennese wrestling phenomenon Gunther snatched the record from the legendary Honky Tonk Man. We’re going to India today. “Austria star Gunther breaks record. It all looks like the career is going to get bigger,” German “Sport1” celebrates Vienna’s wrestling phenomenon. That made history Monday night in front of 8200 fans all opposed to him in […]

Russia’s Dependence on China Exposed as Beijing Exploits Weakness through Maps

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has become even more dependent on China than before. Beijing is now apparently exploiting this weakness. Maps are great for making politics, they in the Kremlin know that very well. In the spring, President Vladimir Putin showed himself with a map that didn’t even show Ukraine. The message of […]

Controversial chess by Cathie Wood: Sell Nvidia and go “on sale” to Amsterdam

“Software is eating the world”. The sentence published on the social network X (formerly Twitter) and uttered a few times by Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of the asset manager ARK Invest, expresses well the technological commitment of the investor, considered one of the gurus of Wall Street. Now, at a time when several technology […]

Farfetch results take a step back and shares fall to historic lows

Farfetch shares sank 43% during this Friday’s session, having touched intraday historic lows, after the company led by Portuguese José Neves reported this Thursday that it went from profit to loss in the second quarter. The bonds fell by 43.07% to US$2.71, a new historic low since their listing on the stock exchange in 2018. […]