Businessinsider: Payone replaces Wirecard and Facebook boss Zuckerberg does not want to change

02.07.2020 2.07. 16:53: Wirecard: Aldi jumps off and concludes a lightning deal with Sparkasse payment processor PayoneThe drama about Wirecard continues. After raids, arrests and bankruptcy, one of the most important partners jumps off: Aldi Süd.>> Read article 2.07. 15:39: Corona pandemic stops plans for self-employed: Four out of ten startups will be postponed this […]

The SMI is facing a small revolution | Company finance

share Security that represents a share in the capital of a stock corporation. It guarantees the owner membership rights (voting and voting rights at the general meeting) and property rights (right to a share in the profit, participation quota for capital increases or the liquidation result). All articles related to this technical term Blue chips […]

SMI closes at 9400 | Markets stocks

(AWP / SPU) The Swiss equity market eased on Monday, continuing the downward trend initiated at the end of the previous week. The leading index Swiss Market Index SMI (SMI 9390.27 -2.48%) lost 2.1% shortly after opening. It fell below 9400 in early trading. It hovered around this mark until the end of trading and […]

Closed beta of the arena fighting game goes into the last round

Pearl Abyss launched today the last closed beta test for its hero-based battle royale fighting game Shadow Arena for PC. The test runs until Monday, April 20th at 9:00 a.m. Registrations are still possible on the official website. According to the manufacturer, new features of the beta are an improved matchmaking system, better balancing and […]

SMI closes over 9100 | Markets stocks

(AWP / Reuters / SPU) Investors were still nervous for a long time at the beginning of the week, but buyers dominated towards the end of trading. For the Swiss stock market, this meant a trip up and down in early trading, while it ended up closing relatively comfortably in positive territory. The Swiss Market […]

Will Warm Weather Really Kill Covid-19?

“There is still no evidence of seasonal behavior from Covid-19,” says Colizza. “The behavioral component can also play a role.” However, she warns that it is too early to know whether the measures taken are sufficient to stop the virus from spreading. “As such, it can partially reduce the effective risk of infection due to […]

Covid-19: How long does the corona virus last on surfaces?

Neeltje van Doremalen, virologist at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), and her colleagues at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, did some of the first tests to determine how long SARS-CoV-2 was different can hold surfaces. Her study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal, shows that the virus can […]

Last Match Report – Australia vs. New Zealand 1st ODI 2020

50 overs Australia 7 for 258 (Warner 67, Finch 60, Labuschagne 56, Sodhi 3-51) v New Zealand In an empty SCG in which the effects of the corona virus increased by the minute, David Warner and Aaron Finch produced an opening level for a century before Australia got lost against the New Zealand spinners and […]

How do you keep a space station clean?

After 12 years in orbit, the Russian space station Mir showed its age in 1998. Power outages were common, the computers unreliable and the air conditioning system leaking. But when the crew started a study to assess the types of microbes with which they shared their habitat, they themselves were surprised at what they found. […]