El Universal Deportes exceeds 100,000 subscriptions

EL UNIVERSAL Sports is of long tablecloths, its channel of youtube exceeded 100,000 subscribers. The newsroom came Silver Button that endorses work and dedication in difficult times. We appreciate your preference and we will continue working to bring you the best content and information across all of our platforms. (Part of the EL UNIVERSAL Deportes […]

Chivas runs to party players; this is what the experts think

The president of Guadalajara, Amaury vergara he could no longer endure the indiscipline of his players, determined to give an exemplary sanction to those who were involved in the party after beating the Atlas El Clásico Tapatío and assured with weariness that there will be “zero tolerance”. “It was something more than a simple indiscipline, […]

World of Warcraft celebrates its 16th birthday / CD-Action

On November 23, 2004 (okay, only 3 months later in Europe) the world went crazy about World of Warcraft. Fans of the iconic RTS series may have been skeptical of the idea of ​​taking their beloved strategy into an unknown world of MMORPGs, but in retrospect, it is clear that it was one of Blizzard’s […]

8 players outside Mosimane’s accounts against Talaa El-Geish

Follow up Muhammad Al-Dakr Eight key players left the accounts of Betso Mosimane, the coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, against the Vanguards of the Army, to be held at the end of the competition in the General League. Al-Ahly’s absences in the tomorrow’s meeting include members of all centers, including goalkeepers, as […]

Tariq Al-Erian breaks his silence and threatens .. This is what he said about Asala

Director Tariq Al-Erian broke his silence to reveal the truth of his wedding or his romantic relationship with a young Syrian-Armenian named Nicole Saffan, stressing that this rumor was repeated a lot, but he could not ignore it this time. Al-Erian confirmed, in press statements, that he entered into an emotional story, indicating that it […]

Against third division Krefeld: handball festival at SV Neukirchen

Neukirchen-Vluyn. In front of at least 120 spectators, handball association division SV Neukirchen lost to third division HSG Krefeld Niederrhein on Sunday evening 24:47. Voufs opsnbmfo “xfmuhftvoeifjumjdifo” Vntuåoefo xåsf ejf Ibmmf eft Kvmjvt.Tuvstcfsh.Hznobtjvnt bn Tpooubhbcfoe tjdifsmjdi um nfis BMT 411 Cftvdifs sbqqfmwpmm hfxftfo / Epdi ejf Dpspob.Qboefnjf Voe ejf ebevsdi opuxfoejhfo Izhjfof.Bvgmbhfo tpshufo ebgýs- ebtt […]

Kathy unpacks: It was that bad with the Kelly Family – Tv

When Kathy Kelly speaks in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house about her time with the Kelly Family, she bursts into tears. In the fourth episode “Celebrity Big Brother” it got particularly emotional for candidate Kathy Kelly. Roommate Sascha Heyne asked her about her time with the Kelly family: “Did it hit you back then that […]