Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber: A Tale of Fashion Contrast

Let’s play a game: are you a Justin Bieber or one Hailey Bieber? If you immediately answered “neither”, missed. Try again. Because, you see, we’re not talking about level of fame, nepotism, times you’ve said or sung the word “baby” in your life, association with Scooter Brown, or even whether you are Canadian or not. […]

SZA’s Long-Awaited Album ‘SOS’ Dominates Charts and Sparks International Tour

Photo credits: YouTube SZA took her time. Five years separate “Ctrl”, the album which revealed the R&B singer to the general public, and “SOS”, the second effort released in December 2002 after what seemed like an eternity for an industry where everything always goes faster. But the St. Louis native diva was right to be […]

Famous NFT Posters Featuring Bayc, Monkey, and Neymar

bayc poster nft creator poster monkey posters fungibel poster neymar poster famous nfts posters neymar jr poster bored ape yacht club poster bored monkey poster bored monkeys yacht club wallpaper poster bored monkey yacht club logo poster bored monkey nft poster pink bored monkey poster i am a monkey posters bored monkey yacht club nft […]

Hailey Bieber opens up about motherhood: “I want kids so much, but I’m scared”

Hailey Bieber is scared of having kids and we can totally understand her Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images Hailey Bieber she recently gave an interview to The Sunday Times, in which she reported, among other things, whether she and her husband are planning to have children. “I literally cry about it all the time” – the 26-year-old […]

“The Rare and Expensive Motorhome Even Celebrities Can’t Resist”

We know that the big weakness of celebrities are the latest model cars, but lately motorhomes have gained a lot of prominence. Look which one is the rarest of all! April 28, 2023 7:34 p.m. Motorhomes, mobile homes or minibuses are practically mansions with four wheels. Many of the celebrities around the world can use […]

Elon Musk replaces Barack Obama

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has the most followers on his online service. Image: dpa The Tesla founder and former US president each have more than 133 million followers on Twitter. But now Elon Musk has passed Barack Obama. In third place is a pop star. Twitter owner Elon Musk has replaced former US President Barack […]

Twitter: Record: Elon Musk has the most followers in the world – digital

San Francisco – Twitter owner Elon Musk now has the most followers on the online service. His account has around 133.08 million subscribers, overtaking the profile of ex-US President Barack Obama, who has 133.04 million followers. Number three is pop star Justin Bieber, who is followed by around 113.3 million users on Twitter.