Is Boris Johnson using this template?

With the agreement in the Northern Ireland dispute, Great Britain and the EU have achieved what is probably the best possible compromise. It is questionable whether this will also ensure peace in the long term. Friends? allies? You almost couldn’t believe your ears. Such words would probably never have occurred to Sunak’s predecessors, the radical […]

“I didn’t get a chance.” Truss spoke about her 45 days as prime minister

British ex-prime minister Liz Trussová spoke for the first time about her tenure as British prime minister. In a 4,000-word op-ed published by Britain’s Sunday Telegraph, she defended her plans to boost economic growth, claiming they had been thwarted by the “left-wing economic establishment”. According to her, it was brought down by a combination of […]

Jeremy Hunt wants to use Brexit freedoms

Rewrite this content Jeremy Hunt If the British Chancellor of the Exchequer has his way, Brexit should do the trick. (Foto: Bloomberg) London If a British government no longer knows how to overcome Britain’s chronic weakness in growth, Brexit is usually its last hope. That was already the case under Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. The […]

Former Prime Minister Truss’s phone may have been hacked by Russian secret agents | Tech

British opposition parties want clarification about a possible hack of the private phone of former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Secret agents working for Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly penetrated the smartphone, reports Daily Mail Saturday. Cyber ​​spies had access to “top-secret details” of talks with international allies, according to the British newspaper. They could also […]

Was Liz Truss’ cell phone hacked by Russian spies? Opposition demands investigation

Members of the British opposition call for an investigation into former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ mobile phone. According to the tabloid Mail On Sunday It was hacked by Russians when she was Secretary of State under Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The British newspaper Mail On Sunday cites anonymous security sources reporting that Truss’ personal smartphone […]

Liz Truss’ cell phone apparently hacked by Russia

DThe new British government on Sunday pledged to adhere to “robust security measures” after a newspaper reported that text messages from former Prime Minister Liz Truss were believed to have been overheard by Russian intelligence. The “Mail on Sunday” had reported, citing unspecified “sources”, that Agent Truss’ mobile phone had been hacked during the election […]

Rishi Sunak forms a government with different conservative factions

First modification: 26/10/2022 – 10:47 The new prime minister forms a government with diverse party sensibilities, marked by the return of Jeremy Hunt as head of the Ministry of Finance. In addition to the economic crisis, which may see the United Kingdom paralyzed by strikes this winter, Sunak will have to overcome the challenge of […]

“Boris would agree with me”

Rishi Sunak is officially the new Prime Minister of the UK. After being proclaimed leader of the tories this Monday, today Sunak has formally received the commission to form a Government by King Carlos III. Upon leaving his audience with the monarch, the new prime minister has vindicated his mandate and has highlighted that he […]