Hip hop musical ‘Hamilton’ increases historical awareness

There are few performances that have had such an impact and long breath as Hamilton. On paper, a musical about an unknown 18th-century politician, told through hip-hop and rap, starring only colored actors, seemed unviable. But it can now be rightly said that the production, which has been selling sold-out halls for five years, has […]

Producer boyfriend Daniel Wand and Šárka Vaňková: Again, get together!

“I never want to see it again,” or “Never together never return,” claimed the Wand in 2009, after breaking up with Vaňkovouwhen he came to her infidelity with director Philip Renčem (54). And it made a lot of wrinkles on the forehead to the producers of musicals Dracula and Baron Munchausen, where then, at the […]

Nearly 80 companies and agents urge municipalities to maintain the musical offer

Around 80 companies and agents in the music sector in the Basque Country have presented a manifesto to the Basque municipalities with the heading ‘Don’t cancel us, other parties are possible’. Faced with the uncertainty caused by the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and the temptation to destroy all summer programming, urge local administrations to […]

Beers to survive Catalonia

Many customers already go through their head bookstores to pick up the books they have bought online during confinement. Those of Barbara Ann, a music bar in the neighborhood of Les Corts, in Barcelona, ​​will still have to wait to have the beers or drinks they have ordered (and paid for) in advance, also online, […]

Rockdelux music magazine says goodbye to its 35th anniversary

The music magazine Rockdelux, a monthly reference publication founded more than 35 years ago in Barcelona, ​​announced on Monday that the number that has come out, 394, is the last one published. In their editorial they point out that for years they have depended on two fundamental factors, a balance between kiosk sales, “getting scarcer”, […]

The musical fantasy that ended Coppola’s dreams

“Whom God wishes to destroy, He first gives success in show business.” Francis Ford Coppola sent this prophetic paraphrase of Euripides to the staff of Zoetrope Studios in 1977. Four years later, the monumental commercial failure of ‘Corazonada’ ended his dream. to become a magnate with creative freedom outside the study system. Coppola gambled his […]

Freestyle soloist Nina Kirso dies :: Society :: RBC

Soviet and Ukrainian artist, freestyle soloist Nina Kirso died in Poltava in her 57th year of life. This was announced by a member of the musical group Sergey Kuznetsov on Instagram. The singer died after a long illness, said Kuznetsov. What kind of disease in question, he did not specify. Moskovsky Komsomolets writes that in […]

Bike Music to Relieve Confinement | Global World Blog

When a rickshaw driver, Sarah Grant, and Ana Roznowska, the violinist for a quartet who often plays on the streets, they realized that the confinement decreed in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) threatened their livelihood and way of life. life were initially confused. But then Grant, who moved to the southern city from his native Maine […]