Avalanche roster compared to 1996 and 2001

The Colorado Avalanche are in a Stanley Cup Finals for the third time in franchise history. In 1996 they defeated the Florida Panthers with a sweep (4-0 wins) and in 2001 they defeated the New Jersey Devils in seven games after being down 2-3 in the series. NHL.com compares the Avalanche’s two winning teams to […]

The mortgage of the 1st half was too heavy

Messages Fraport Skyliners lose home game against Würzburg by Norbert Dorholt (18.03.2022) The Frankfurt Bundesliga basketball team Fraport Skyliners start too nervously in the important game against s. Oliver Würzburg at home in front of 1467 fans and take on a mortgage of almost 20 points at halftime. In the second half of the game, […]

Ivan Rakitic vs Lionel Messi

Performance DataReviewGames Dates of the 2021/2022 season in total2021/20222020/20212019/20202018/20192017/20182016/20172015/20162014/20152013/20142012/20132011/20122010/20112009/20102008/20092007/20082006/20072005/20062004/2005 First division games 23 Tore 3 templates 3 minutes 1.434 yellow cards 6 Yellow-red cards 0 Red cards 0 League 1 games 16 Tore 2 templates 9 minutes 1.253 yellow cards 0 Yellow-red cards 0 Red cards 0 Champions League games 5 Tore 2 templates 1 […]

City ranking 2022: Hamburg best business location! | Regional

3835 places were examined Hamburg – The economy of the Elbe metropolis is great! And that’s now even in writing in the new “Location Ranking Germany 2022” from the information network “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” (DDW, 35,000 companies, 250,000 bosses). +++ BILD is now also available on TV! Click here for BILD LIVE +++ With 67,000 […]

Demand for influenza vaccine grows 7 times in MS and deaths fall – Cities

Campo Grande News survey identifies that about 91% of flu victims were without immunization Influenza vaccine ampoule, administered through SUS. (Photo: Marcos Maluf) Influenza vaccination grew about seven times in Mato Grosso do Sul, comparing December 2021 with January this year. Since the end of last year, the average number of deaths from influenza has […]

California Baptist – Stephen F. Austin H2H Direct Comparison

California Baptist – Stephen F. Austin Basketball H2H Direktvergleich H2H direct comparison California Baptist – Stephen F. Austin Direct comparison of the performance and results of the two basketball teams California Baptist and Stephen F. Austin. The last game was played by California Baptist at home on 01/30/2022 against Stephen F. Austin with the result […]

See what Banjo-Kazooie looks like on Switch

The Nintendo 64 emulation of the Nintendo Switch has not been without a struggle so far. In particular, the new version of Ocarina of Time has caused quite a stir among fans. That’s why people look suspiciously at every big new name. One of those names is Banjo-Kazooie, which will be appearing on the platform […]

China’s president warns of risk of global confrontation

Photo: Fabrice Coffini/AFP In a defense of multilateralism and globalization, Chinese President Xi Jinping took advantage of the speech, during a virtual session of the World Economic Forum, to warn of “catastrophic consequences” in the event of a clash between powers. Xi rejected the “Cold War mentality” as tensions mount between China itself, the United […]

Neymar vs Ronaldinho – Football dates

Performance data Dates of the 2021/2022 season total2021/20222020/20212019/20202018/20192017/20182016/20172015/20162014/20152013/20142012/20132011/20122010/20112009/20102008/20092007/20082006/20072005/20062004/20052003/20042002/20032001/20021998/1999 WM Games 9 Tore 7 templates 5 Minutes 810 yellow cards 2 Yellow-red cards 0 Red cards 0 League 1 Games 7 Tore 1 templates 1 Minutes 585 yellow cards 2 Yellow-red cards 0 Red cards 0 Champions League Games 2 Tore 0 templates 0 Minutes 180 […]