Iraq offensive to curb the resurgence of the Islamic State

Iraq declared the end of the war against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) on December 9, 2017, but the armed struggle is still open and the caliph’s followers strike again in different provinces of a country with too many open fronts. For this reason, the authorities announced on Wednesday the launch of the operation […]

Erdogan shields the Libyan government and stops Haftar’s offensive on Tripoli

With just 24 hours apart Khalifa Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA, for its acronym in English), proclaimed himself the highest president of the entire country and announced a unilateral ceasefire of his forces on the occasion of Ramadan, although it was not respected and the shelling in Tripoli. The two unexpected movements […]

The German junior soccer team shows up

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions also has a German junior soccer team. Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe briefly introduces the team members in the following trailer. The German team, led by Karl Heinz Schneider on the pitch, should be good on both the offensive and the defensive. The other team members are Hermann Kaltz, […]

Mercato: our ideas for attacking the Girondins de Bordeaux – Around the Girondins

After the defenders and the midfielders, it’s time for ideas to strengthen the attacking sector. Nicolas Paolorsi (RMC) and Florian Sabathier (WebGirondins) proposed names in C’est L’Heure de l’Apéro that could reinforce the Girondins’ attack. A LESS PRIORITY SECTOR If the positions of defensive midfielder and left side seem to be priorities for the Girondins. […]

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold

In Idlib province, last in opposition hands after nine years of civil war, 3.5 million people live, most displaced by the regime’s offensive and the bombings of Russian aviation. It is a poor and jobless area, controlled by the jihadist group HTS, which last year forcibly subdued the rest of the rebel factions.