“Algae have been used as food or medicine for 14,000 years”

José Lucas Pérez Llorens (Alcoy, Alicante 1964) is a biologist, Professor of Ecology at the University of Cádiz and current president of the Spanish Society of Phycology (SEF). For more than three decades he has been dedicated to marine research, but he also applies his knowledge to defend the culinary use of algae, an increasingly […]

Friday Night TV Lineup: Telecinco’s ‘Deluxe Friday’, Antenna 3’s ‘Your face is familiar to me’ Gala, La 1’s ‘Ocean’s 8’, and more!

Telecinco issues, starting at 10:00 p.m., a new installment of ‘Deluxe Friday‘. The collaborator will tell the whole truth before the ‘Deluxe’ audience in what will be her last ‘poliDeluxe’. As usual, Conchita will perform her traditional ‘cop’ that will put one of the main faces of ‘Sálvame’ to the test. In addition, the program […]

“Ocean Census Project Aims to Discover 100,000 New Marine Species in 10 Years”

The scientists involved in this new project aim to discover 100,000 new species in ten years. Courtesy Ocean Census. The project, which runs over ten years, aims to discover 100,000 marine species unknown until now. Four times more than the current rate of new identifications. Life in the depths of the oceans remains shrouded in […]

Alarming Increase in Ocean Temperatures Raises Concerns About Global Warming

Science is alarmed: the world’s oceans have suddenly heated up to an unusual extent in the past few weeks. The values ​​are well above the record levels. Researchers are now trying to find out what this means and whether the development indicates an increase in global warming. Some attribute the higher sea temperatures to a […]