Le Matin – Kaspersky launches Integrated Endpoint Security, the new EDR solution for SMEs

Kaspersky unveils Integrated Endpoint Security, a new approach dedicated to SMEs for its Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business solution which now includes a cloud management console and the Kaspersky EDR Optimum and Kaspersky Sandbox tools. This new incident protection, detection and response (EDR) solution is now suitable for companies with limited cybersecurity expertise and resources. […]

The budget, a rudder to keep SMEs afloat | Economy

The budget is as important in business as the highway for the driver: it allows the businessman to meet his goals and reach his destination, anticipating the potholes that may arise along the way. However, its correct preparation is a pending issue for many SMEs, now surprised by the slowdown in the activity. “Unfortunately, rigorous […]

Employee shareholding, a way out of the crisis so as not to resuscitate the ISF

“We are entering a decisive period which will ask us to reflect, as many people suggest, on a new social contract because the challenges we have in front of us are immense and cannot be dealt with satisfactorily in the current framework. Let’s start by characterizing the challenges, by simplifying, they are three in number. […]

Germany: “We supporters are no longer worth anything”

“The first and second German football leagues will be able to continue playing according to the agreed rules, from the second half of May.” When Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the resumption of the Bundesliga on May 6, but behind closed doors, Germany did not rejoice. Several Länder leaders had expressed their opposition to this takeover […]

VSEs can be reimbursed 50% of expenses in protective equipment

Health Insurance provides a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros to facilitate the adoption of barriers to work. By Marie-Cécile Renault Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro Masks, hydroalcoholic gel, Plexiglas screens … are necessary to protect employees at work against Coronavirus but constitute a real budget for very small businesses. This is why Health Insurance […]

Where can the general public buy protective masks?

Question asked by Lucienne on 04/19/2020 Hello, Masks intended for the general public should play an important role in the post-containment period. In any case, this is what the various speeches by the authorities seem to indicate in recent days. To start with that of the President of the Republic, on March 16, which suggested […]

For an effective recovery, let’s cut consumer spending

Bertrand Dumazy is CEO of the Edenred group, a service and payment platform that supports actors in the world of work on a daily basis by connecting 50 million employee users in 46 countries to 2 million merchant partners through more than 850,000 corporate clients . In 2019, thanks to its global technological assets, the […]

FinDrive regains momentum to break out of containment

While the car rental start-up is idling, its founders are preparing a next fundraiser. Mimoun El Alami and Pascal Ghoson, founders of FinDrive. Personal collection It was really bad luck. On March 16, the two founders of FinDrive, Pascal Ghoson and Mimoun El Alami, had stalled for the first time with a view to raising […]

Initiative France takes part in the fight for economic activity

Initiative France is on the bridge. While it had presented its 2019 results a few days before the start of the containment, the associative network which helps the creation or the safeguard of small businesses takes its part in the economic fight caused by the general slowdown in activity. Supporting entrepreneurs Only sixty of the […]

a quarter of entrepreneurs are afraid of losing everything

Each passing day brings a lot of information that allows us to measure the extent of the economic blast linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. They all point in the same direction, namely that the worst is probably to come when activity is currently running at 50% of its production capacity and French companies are on […]