Gautam Gambhir with the Lankan flag Cricket

Dubai – Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir celebrates Sri Lanka’s victory in Asia Cup cricket. Gautam Gambhir arrived at the ground where the final fight took place with the Sri Lankan flag. Gautam Gambhir was also in the commentary team for the Asia Cup. Gautam Gambhir himself shared the video of himself holding the national […]

[World Now] Former Sri Lankan president who fled abroad returns home after 7 weeks

A black SUV pulls out of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, at Bandaranaike International Airport. A car entered the house surrounded by a high fence while the escort vehicle followed. Gautabaya Rajapaksa, former president of Sri Lanka, is a gray-haired man who got out of the vehicle while being guided by strict security. When anti-government protests […]

Latest Update 25 Countries That Can Bankrupt Like Sri Lanka

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The issue of recession and bankruptcy is a scourge for several countries. The World Bank has warned a number of countries that have the potential to go bankrupt, such as Sri Lanka. There are as many as 9 countries that have the potential to suffer the same fate as Sri Lanka. […]

the main protest camp dismantled by the police

Published on : 22/07/2022 – 07:24Modified : 22/07/2022 – 07:30 Sri Lankan police took control of the last public building occupied by protesters on Friday. An intervention peppered with scenes of violence which worries the international community. Sri Lankan security forces regained full control of the last public building still occupied in Colombo by anti-government […]

Thailand is not yet a Sri Lanka-Laos crisis | Memorial Thammajai

both in partGovernment debt, private debt, household debt economic crisisinSri Lanka Laos and other emerging markets (Emerging Markets) while this may affect short-term capital. speculate on the market Some of the financial flows out of emerging market countries. More or less depending on the economic fundamentals of each country. Some countries have little or no […]

How Sri Lanka bought the dependence – Opinion

One looks in disbelief at what is happening in Sri Lanka and asks oneself: how did it come to this? Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his clan had placed themselves at the head of the small country, filling all important positions with family members and confidants, creating a system in which all who were on good terms […]

in Sri Lanka, after the political crisis, the spiral of distress

Her eyes widen, shocked at her own words. “No more work, no more money, no more gas or petrol, no more transport, and so little to eat! », lists Marajeen, wearing a pretty floral dress. This 50-year-old mother watches, in front of her door, a container of rice cooking over a wood fire. “We’ve been […]