Putin is losing friends. Almost no one trusts him anymore, they just fear him

Even formerly loyal allies are turning away from Russia and its ruler Vladimir Putin after a year of war in Ukraine. This mainly concerns the countries of the former Soviet Union, which have historically close ties to Russia. Although there are various exceptions. Many states remain in Russia’s sphere of influence simply because they are […]

Putin lived in illusions. He thought NATO would bow out, Kremlin documents show

Before launching the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin thought that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would bow to him out of fear and fall apart. Leaked documents of the FSB secret service show this. Internal documents of the Russian FSB secret service have become public. According to the newspaper The Sun, which […]

The IEA chief: Russia has lost the energy battle

– Russia has lost the energy battle, says the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in an interview with the French newspaper LibĂ©ration on Saturday. Birol notes that Russia’s oil and gas exports have fallen by 40 percent since it invaded Ukraine a year ago and Western countries began looking for other supplier countries. […]

Putin’s allies dealt with the war in Ukraine. Their words will not please Russia

A highly watched visit took place in China these days. The leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, flew in to see President Xi Jinping there. The men, who are considered the greatest allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussed the war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have many allies in the world. After […]

Putin will die at work or get shot in the back, an expert believes

It will not be the alleged cancer or any other illness that will take Vladimir Putin from this world. An expert on Russian relations, Nate Sibley believes that someone will assassinate the head of the Kremlin. The second possibility, according to him, is that Putin will die of old age. Over the past year, stacks […]

Experts said how the war in Ukraine will end. China will have the last word

Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end before China wants it to. According to geopolitical experts, it is the only one that can make Vladimir Putin act contrary to his own goals. Of the world powers, Beijing is Moscow’s last ally. In a week, exactly one year will pass since the outbreak of the war […]

For Waters, Biden is like Putin. Floyd’s sidekick’s wife sent him somewhere

Putin is no worse gangster than Biden, and the US is the world’s main aggressor. The invasion of Ukraine is justified. Israel is committing genocide. The former leader of Pink Floyd, British musician Roger Waters, once again added fuel to the fire. In Germany, they want to cancel his concerts, the wife of former partner […]